Soda-pop - burst 01


Hey do hey Philip. Thank you guess what. I read the news today. Home though boy Woman got hit in the head by cancer you know thank goodness it was a soft drink. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard And we you need to go take her to see Dr Pepper okay. Did you If you don't have insurance Mister Pip. Are you making this up on the spy or is this Nashville. Missile News article. That you read I you know I was just thinking that it was like kind of like a Dad joke or maybe a soda. Pop Art joke. Oh Oh we've already done the Dad Joe so I think she's a little fizzy detail. Many do you have uh-huh that's depressing. I like that one And it's total fantasy all right and at least the funny thing is already gone into the the music. Oh music has started right about now

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