Black motorists and pedestrians are more likely than white to be pulled over in most cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia, with equal odds in Houston


Or pedestrians were more likely to be stopped by police and white drivers or pedestrians in several major U. S. Cities that, according to an ABC News analysis of data recorded by local police departments on millions of traffic stops over the last several years, in that dramatic video that shocked the nation. 32 year old Blondeau Castille killed by a police officer in 2016. Fatally Fatally shot shot in in a a traffic traffic stop. stop. That That was was a a case case of of mistaken mistaken identity. identity. The The officer officer looking looking for for a a robbery robbery suspects, suspects, Castille Castille was was not not involved involved in in any any robbery robbery and and had a license to carry a weapon. And while the Casteel case is an extreme example of what could happen during a police traffic stop An ABC News investigation in partnership with are owned and operated stations showing in a number of major cities, Black Americans are far more likely to be stopped than white Americans. In Minneapolis, five times more likely in Los Angeles in Chicago four times more likely three times more likely in Philadelphia in San Francisco. In some other cities, the rates are more equal. ABC News founded in Louisville in Houston, Black Americans are as likely as White Americans to be stopped by the police. But for many African Americans, traffic stops evoke intense feelings of fear. Driving while black and dealing with law enforcement is one of the most serious and daily encounters that could happen to a person of color these days could still have been stopped by police 52 times between 2002 and 2016, according to data compiled by the U. One year police pull could steal over eight different times. Most of the stops for minor traffic violations. It could be a song. It could be a kid. I see walking down the street. I think about my nephew. Every single day Traffic stops can create severe financial pressure could still was hit with more than $6000 in fines and fees, even though half of the charges were dismissed. That's ABC is Pierre Thomas. Come on news time.

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