Show 31 Audio TV Show 'Laughs' from 1988 - burst 1


We hope you've been enjoying the podcast right now I'm going back to something I did a little over a month ago, and that is taking. One of the TV shows I, produced and bringing it straight over to the podcast in audio format. Now, it's been mentioned a couple times that at a short TV series on a local network television in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, one, ninety, two, called almost live at laughs unlimited and then in the late eighties eighty, eight, eighty, nine, I had a full twenty-six show series again on a local affiliate and it was called laughs and it. was a live taping of the shows and then presented on television. This was before the evening at the Improv in some the other shows that came bit later it was kind of breaking new ground but since it was only local holy local people thought. So it didn't really take off but we sure had a lot of fun producing it in the entertainer seemed to enjoy doing the television productions. So let me tell you about this week show it was originally aired in nineteen, eighty eight. It was part of the laughs TV series and this is a terrific one it features headliner. Timber. Door closing the show and there's a video presentation put together by partner Bob Stober ner and Carlos Allah's rocky. You may know that name he's the voice on several television cartoon characters was also one of the stars of Reno Nine, one one where he does the voice over and then the character Tony King is played by my partner Bob Stove. And I'll tell you a little bit more about that. We also have comedy and rap entertainment, a Phil Baumann something a little different and opening up the show one of our favorite regulars at the club. This guy came in all the time started off as a featured act ended up headlining are shows I, know you'll enjoy him. Let's hear it for Frank Prince.

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