Harassing Twitch Live Streamers - Podcast #14

Useless Wisdom


I'm sorry. And then he proceeded to make remarks about her Chaffetz. Well, the. Granted the camera was aimed directly at her chest and I was like. Why why aiming the camera your chest if you're not packing. Well to be fair she was a cooking twitch strimmer and it was kind of ingram stove for hot really well, it's where she would prepare the ingredients, which is obviously at chest level. Regardless it was funny she I think she's the only girl that didn't balk. You. In the then we finally found. Three women walked you. Got Blood to love one of them was. We got on this girl on is soon as we clicked on video, it was like. All right guys well I think I mentioned the stream and then I was like, Oh, get gotta get this end. So I heard it up and I was like you're you're leaving. Your clothes in the Stream. Now. You. said that. You've been searching for three hours. I'll let you. Yeah I've been searching for three hours for some quality jack off material and you're telling me you're closing your stream right now and then you know I don't think that. Did she even notice it I don't think you've ever been blocked so quickly. On the. About Bam. Bam. You're banned from the Chat I. think that I got in another message rate before because I remember they say, I said that and then I was like, Oh, I, could add this and then I put nice feet though. It was like my state. Inter Bam fucking Click. Fuck band soon, as I hit that and then we're like, okay, we go onto other streamers where like they have their chat in the background where everybody can see own Like Hey, I just went onto a bunch of now's like, Hey, the useless wisdom podcast talked about you and their their newest youtube video. Like he's like what you said in your like I said the June you didn't respond, but he thinks you're cute. Chick Mme. He wasn't he's fighter nothing.

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