Ask Kitty. Her first crush was


Women when Diana Rigg. Yeah. Now I'm were very, very young kid here in our late there isn't all but somehow you remember radio mid thirties. Remember these people from way back when Diana Rigg died and she was in game of Thrones? Yes. I never saw that. I don't want your watch. Now. I didn't want to. Someone said that And I'd heard that before, So I went looked at her in game of Thrones. Now force We're all going to age. But I couldn't recognize her. And based on her character. I know I did. I saw the picture, and I did. Yeah, I know what you look nice and more regular at that age, but without our costume or whatever, but I tell you, Diana Riggs in the Avengers. I mean, I mean, I don't know When that show is like early sixties, the Avengers were on. Remember that show I do. Mr Steed was Steve's mother. Yeah. Mr Steve

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