Bitcoin Dominance Falling


Another day. About ten thousand, it dipped below ten thousand by fourteen dollar. Rooney's not a great deal. It's broken the high of yesterday's candle pretty happy with that GonNa Climb out of this. Are we going to climb out of this and easy going to be? Now that it happens and is to start to see some of these questions are discount answer. What can give you can give you understanding probabilities based on the way that I've tried it for the last fifteen years. And I'm very cain right now you know at some. Consolidation down there. As much as yes is daily down trying I get that trend follow I, I get that is come right back down a nestled. It's weight little sod on ten thousand has rejected several times six days to be precise were in seventh and that wake Lee all good news if you have not looked at the bitcoin us a weekly chart. Put The ten and twenty period moving average input you Mac Day in Hawaii the signal on. Mike it even as you get rid of that histogram, you don't need it. And have a look at just how perfect is far as cradles now's not closed of course, three days to go but as we close in on the clothes. Oh It's just looking Surrey. So gorgeous one of my favorite things out there right now in the world is bitcoin of the weekly. Look I as it stands right now we're having percent in the half today and yesterday. Yeah we were up point nine, one percent we close at one, thousand, ten, thousand, two, hundred, and twenty five dollars now Hazel Oughta. Phase one of the mosques plan break above ten, thousand, five, hundred, get us some new hot cinders consolidation Ryan. Jr Don't want to say it pulled back giving me some. You know some some NAS follow through. So chop structure the to our starting to get it. We got to push on he. Loss to Alcan was at one point, six, two percent, very, very attractive looking candidate but I wanna see follow through I. Do not a repeat of you not WanNa. See this market re-test ten thousand again. The guy from. A structure point of view momentum point of view for me trend point of view. I don't WanNa see it back ten all want to continue to move from He. I want that because it gives me up a charities to try it again. And it's been pretty slow of light has been in a building positions really and I've done that now I want to get back to the business of trading, which is the one that on the most familiar with. So bitcoins now one point, four percent for two hours forty into tried to diet ten, thousand, three, hundred, seventy, I don't WANNA say ten five by the end of the day. A theorem yesterday it closed up four percent against I. Having a good start to the five point three percent were three, hundred, sixty, nine dollars and thirty three cents that weeklies looking rather lodge rather sexy chops can't looks like the four hours a matter of fact, this is looking really nauseous broken above that three hundred and sixty della barrier that was sitting around for awhile now as I see this and I go through this with my two eyeballs on looking at the region roughly ramble yes. Three sixty, three, fifty, nine, sixty, two now looking at that on the one, our CIA because why didn't you say if I can get a booster in there? I want not yet. Maybe a cradle will be worth while training father sent nothing to be sniffed at on the big dog as looking very, very narsingdi pushing up through the new that new sitting a high high in that consolidation moving away. Now, looking better than bitcoin moving better than bitcoin ex based on the science up two point nine percent, a twenty, four point, five cents yesterday will not much one percent today. As I just said, it's up a lot more the weekly in the right spot we are really really grinding at a very nonsmoking truck. She here we go to the same things a theory and has pushed new highs within this consolidation Ryan. And by Jingo Blah George I am pumped there may be really good opportunities coming lights on in the deities in more watchlist as last week to Bitcoin cash twenty, nine, hundred, seventy his along still very similar bitcoin. Yes. It out point nine to two point four, five per cent. The weekly doesn't look very good to be fair. But as I go down the four hour trying really hard to walk out of that consolidations not there yet doesn't look as good as eighth. Next out pay if on honest not quite there yet

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