Means the big crisis is that keeping up with the Kardashians?


The Kardashians kids. Kardashian, Jenner kids, Even Rob has like a Well, I mean, in your office, Rob is sort of like, not like rob. So set poor Rob. They don't even say poor Rob persona non grata. Know most of the time and still non robber until they needed him because Courtney was getting too much Gatorade from fans on the show for being so, you know, obnoxious and annoying all the time. They were like, well and then placing me on a step back and Courtney, that is I got to step back and take some time. I know more about the show for never having watched it. It's bizarre anyway, because I read the reports of the reports right? So then they dug Rob up out of like, write a crypt like they had to bust. Open the crypt dust off, Rob on like, what are we going to do with him? Let's pretend he went through this magical make make I make over makeover, like lost a bunch weight, Although he didn't They dust him off and going. Oh, look, it's Rob. I mean, that's how you knew they were out of tricks, right? So Rob is rob whatever. Kendall is an actual model, so she's got a job. She got a career. Kylie is above a billionaire. She's an inn, a fake billionaire butt, but still he's got monies for Mom. Got her Some real Delia and Kim Kardashian. Same same Courtney. I don't think really actually cares, but she's busy with who she think Courtney's fine. She likes being a mom. She wants to, you know, have her on again off again. And her young boyfriend. Yeah, and Chloe is the one that's like the spaghetti that they keep throwing at the wall to see if it's Dunya because you'll remember it so attractive. So true that you'll remember is Chloe. Oh, well, he was the one that had the hardest time with Caitlin. So he was the one that had the hardest time with, you know, her face changing all the time. Chloe was like, I just and I know it's probably not a true representation of what the real Khloe Kardashian is like. But The picture that is painted by this family is that Chloe is Which role in a mess, and that's her family, saying these things

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