Mint Mobile launches cheap unlimited cell plan


You know. So many of us per stretched and we're trying to make our budgets last through the month at a time that for many people incomes are down. So one area I'd like you to look at is how to attack your monthly expenses and one that a lot of just pay because that's what we pay is what we pay for cell phone service. So I want to give you a couple of choices on cell phone service that comes with unlimited data from two different companies one geared towards an individual paying for his or her own bill. In the second for people that are joining together with others. On a plan to save money. Let's start with the one for individuals. There's a company that runs really cute TV ads called met mobile. There was. So as a reseller, they bake pass the from the big three cell phone players, and then they sell their own branded service under the meant mobile name. Meant. Mobile is doing a deal right now on unlimited data plan where you've got unlimited talk text and data for a flat thirty dollars a month. But there's some hoops you have to jump through. So let's say you WanNa do this thirty dollars a month plan you could be on one that's significantly higher with others if you're doing unlimited data. What you do is you pay meant mobile for the first three months when you port your number and so you give them ninety bucks and it covers your cell phone service for the next three months. You hit the end of those three months. If you're happy with mobile, you can then by the next year from them at the thirty dollars a month. So, Ye end up having to give them three hundred sixty bucks. But then you know you have no cell phone bill for the whole next year is for the quality of the network with mobile. I never get complaints about that. Now that I've said that Oh hear from people who have complaints, but it is an alternative that can give you freedom from worrying about data overages. or data caps and no you're paying a flat thirty bucks. The other alternative is from verizon discount on a lot of people don't know verizon has a discount operator and people known for years. that. T mobile has metro. And Cricket is at and T.'s discounter but horizon acts like visible doesn't exist. But visible does exist is verizon's discounter and they have a plan called party pay. It's designed for two people together three people together or four people together. On a cell phone plan, but with a twist. If you just get a buddy or a relative or whatever to join you on visibles party Pay Plan Each of you were billed individually. So one person doesn't have to pay the whole bill and then chased the other people to pay them their portion of the bill each month. All they got to do is stay with visible together on their party. Pay Plan. So, two people get unlimited talk unlimited taxed unlimited data for thirty five dollars a month each three people, thirty dollars a month each and you got four people together twenty five dollars a month each. Again this is RISA NHS discount honor. You won't see it on Verizon's website. If you went to a verizon store, they wouldn't know what you were talking about. If you call verizon customer no service, they wouldn't know what it was. You have to go to the website visible dot com. And then you're in the money in the savings on for is network on a variety plan, but from their discount brand called visible.

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