Philadelphia Homeless Encampments Prepared And Fortified To Fight After Eviction Deadline Passes


The homeless encampments encampments in in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, still still standing standing after after the the city city on on Wednesday Wednesday morning, morning, issued issued its its third third order order for for people people to to leave. leave. Kyi Kyi W's W's Tim Tim him him Menace Menace has has Mohr Mohr from from museum museum row row along the Ben Franklin Parkway, where organizer's aren't planning on going anywhere anytime soon. Mental barriers and wooden pallets are blocking off the encampment here, a 22nd in the parkway. These barriers are not put up to be violent as Can you try to say on Twitter? That's organizer Jamal Henderson, who says the possibility of force being used to evict them is on the top of their minds. After what happened blocks away a few months back on 6 76 City will not have a date to tear gas and you and used rubber bullets in a statement, the city says the goal is still to solve this situation peacefully, and they'll continue outreach efforts even if it takes a few days. And forcibly removing people is the last resort. The city also expressed concern about protesters quote, stockpiling supplies to aid their resistance and caution nearby residents to stay away from the next few days. Henderson's response doesn't look like we're stockpiling. Our preparation for resistance were to bury you. He says. The barriers will come down if Mayor Kenny sanctions this encampment. Instead of city proposal to move it elsewhere on the parkway. Tim Henman is killing W NEWS radio.

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