Ocean Born Mary House

Haunted Places


Practically in a hydrangea Bush heat sensitive camera pointed toward the majestic eighteenth century. Mansion. He sat and waited. But nothing appeared. The house was still cameron slowly realised that the wind had ceased to blow. He was sitting at a strange sort of vacuum of frozen silence. Only, the empty darkness remained. then. Slowly a figure began to appear. A woman. Her white dress was anchored by the whitest hoop skirt. He'd ever seen, but it's still rippled slightly in a wind that CAIRN could not feel. Her skin was Pale and her eyes were an icy white. CAIRN wondered if all goes for a simple in gray scale. But then. He saw the hair. Fire engine red almost burning on the top of her shock whitehead. It to seem to feel a breeze that was no longer there. She looked at him. So beautiful and kind, but picture of maternal love. then. Her eyes glowed red she shot toward him. Striking him passing through his body like a freezing wind. He felt a prick of cold pain. A moment later he began to shiver and shake blood flowing from a wound that shouldn't have been there is legs gave out he attempted to support himself by clutching the HYDRANGEA. But they only ripped out as he continued to fall. He collapsed face first onto the grass as the Pale pedals surrounded him like snow. His eyes closed. And didn't help him. Again. Welcome to haunted places Apar- cast original I'm Greg pulsing. Every Thursday, I take you to the scariest areas most haunted real places on earth. You can find all episodes of haunted places for free on spotify and every Tuesday. Make sure to check out urban legends. These special episodes of haunted places are available exclusively on spotify. This week join me on a supernatural journey to New Hampshire's ocean born Mary House an eighteenth century home filled with legends of high seas, adventure, and pirate gold. And discover why to this day. It's hunted

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