20 Minutes About The PE Diet - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #203


For twenty years with exactly what is the mechanism between Diet and exercise driving health outcomes in exactly what you have to do to get the positive adaptations instead of the negative ones and I've you know I've just been all over the Diet spectrum I was raised vegetarian I went to Loma Linda University in Southern California, which is this famous blues Mecca were everyone's plant based So I've I've experimented with Air Free Diet from Vegan and plant based to, of course, oil spectrum of Paleo. Kito. Carnivora. You name it and everything in between, and then I eventually realized that all of these diets right about something and the answer is in between and the secret is finding out what's powering each and every one of these diets and making them more successful than. The Standard. American. Diet and that's really how I came up with this book. The P.. E. Diet, which is sort of the unified theory of macronutrients You know that's at least it has been described right so so how does like the P. E. Diet look in a nutshell what makes it different from say pay euro at the Ketogenic diets or you know all vegetarian diet for example. So what I did is just zoom way way way way way way out to the fifty thousand foot view and just looked at what is eating and I realized that plants are. Auto troops and they make all their own food and then animals are Hetero trips and we only exist because we constantly injust other living organisms. So plants are at the base of the food chain for all animals they're making all the food for animals and then animals are just either eating plants or animals that have themselves eating plants. What plants her doing is two very specific things. Number one, they're sucking minerals out of the soil, which is nitrogen for protein and and about a dozen other minerals that are crucial for plant and animal life, and then they're using solar. Energy and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create these high energy chains of carbons with high energy bonds, carbon hydrogen bonds, and that's all of your dietary energy either carbs, fats. This is all solar energy stored is chemical energy. So I realized that you could divide your entire diet up into protein and minerals which getting room soil and energy, which is these high energy, carbon chains, carbs, or fats that plants creating from solar energy, and then I, sort of looked at all of human history in this evolutionary Lens. I realized that if you look at hunter gatherers, they have this. Incredibly. High Protein Diet. It's thirty three percent on average protein. If you look at worldwide hundred gatherer macronutrients and hunter-gatherers, they have an easy time getting protein they just go out and kill an animal and eat the whole thing you get plenty of protein and minerals but you're always a little bit starving for energy right? Every animal you know trying to get enough energy to be successful, and so you're always looking for extra energy to add to your diet. You can get the protein and minerals, but just killing an animal and eating the whole thing but you're looking for. Extra Energy and what humans have done is we have always used technology to feed ourselves. We don't have teeth and claws were not particularly fast or strong on. But what we have is brains, and so we built tools, we use tools to feed ourselves. We use technology to feed ourselves. We had stone tools with break-up in skulls for branch and long runs for married at fat energy to our diet. We dug up tubers, add more carbohydrate energy tour Diet. We figured out how to throw weapons and create traps in hunting in groups, and we all of this technology to add. More, energy to our diet and then it calm naked ten thousand years ago when we invented agriculture, we realized, Hey, if we domesticate animals and keep him in this safe little spot and just feed him a ton of food, we can have a much higher fat energy source for to our food. We can add a lot more fat to her approaching, and then we realized if we can grow these fields of grains, we have already starch supply. We can add a lot more carb energy to our diet, and so what ended up happening is we use technology invent the. Domestication plan down walls and add in a bunch of carb and fat energy to our diet and that diluted out protein and minerals, and then we took a couple steps too far. We invented the industrial revolution with the bulk refining and processing of sugar and flour and oil. We figured out how to strip all the energy, all the CARBS and fats are foods, and so now we have this just free energy that has no society to know protein and minerals humans how the appetite for four things, protein minerals, carbs, fats, and we were giving ourselves all this energy without the. Protein and minerals. So this refined carbon refined fat together to the food supply did a couple of things first of all diluted out protein also, you have tons of

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