The Divided Self


With? We are different at home than we are at work different with family than we are with strangers different in our private thoughts than in the woods we speak. This basically is the divided self the fragmented South which has differentiated from what we can call the whole staff, the spirit, the Eagle Identity, a modified SAF, a modified sensation, literally of the whole being, which is not to identity. As a result of this, we feel different forces contending inside US House. Simple decisions become struggles of voices inside ahead. No one from the outside can repair another person's divide itself. The device itself is embedded. Saudi. It entre entre staff either. Collective fascination of fame idol. Worship for. Is All wish fulfillment? That comes from the divided staff. And in the deeper reality. It is a projection of holiness. It is something that is added on. Has a fictional idea henry idealized. Fictional identities. Through. Celebrities through sports ideas to movie says to leaders. In fact, what we're doing is projecting our ego identity to glamorous ego identity. Of course, the divide itself cannot do its own

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