Feeding Your Newborn Right


He pray ground to make their way to the breast not again, not all baby stupid, ass. But if in the right circumstances are left to their end devices, some many will honesty the problem in our society with the medical side of things often women giving birth in a hospital is. That isn't other opportunities Gif and the baby might be way too. They might have on the baby with these things, but it can. You can ask for that to happen. You can ask for the wait to be delayed or not to have a spot on the baby. So having not Not Time is really important. I'm having a little patience on on some waiting until your baby is in not window in a baby will go through a series of. Like almost cues on movements until they get the place whether ready to feed more instinctively within that fast our on Memphis imitating them if you need a when they do to latch on. Yeah I mean that was very sleepy they in the first the first few days, and it's just the colostrum milk isn't it that if you could touch on the importance of because he said, put your baby on your chest right away. A lot of people talk about skin to skin but. How much different says is actually make when it comes to the feeding. So, it just really set them up to get going with. The fuss speech we mentioned in the combination of skin-to-skin they tend to suckle more effectively on. Then they tend to get sleepy just mansion de asked about I feed in the second window of the Fast Day I'm saying what's thought to happen is that when they have a really good ineffective suckle in the first Allah, within sort of skin-to-skin context that imprint of them were able to continue to go on top effective suckling and skin-to-skin contact lot of things the methods milk supply in addition to orientating meme. Thank you that and keeping calm and keeping recycled unregulated oldest things a really important after the Netflix for the baby. And I think it's meant to be m. now one thousand potent bonding moments. As you said, it must relax the baby I I know I can t about the stacey before and I think I've mentioned on my bus story pulled cost, but I didn't get the opportunity to have skin-to-skin. With my baby straight to because of the type of delivery and how everything escalated. I used to I was pretty cut up about it. I stood a still I'm it's hard to talk about you have this feeling of this overwhelming sadness I think that I couldn't give Zachary that I. That I kind of start. And I'm sure a lot of MOMS out there may be in a similar situation to me so. It's just nice to shy with everyone listening that it doesn't mean it would affect your breastfeeding. Johnny does it going forward? If you can't get that straight away now absolutely not I may many many women including myself new went able to get immediate skin to skin on his or whatever. At least in to have the baby separated onto, you have gone on to severe chief older they wanted within that speeding journey. Offensively the way to say it as it might just make it easier if you do get back but no, not impossible or necessarily challenging if he says late experience not happens to you. It's just a matter of reconnecting Mugabe when Bros of your medicate safety side and then hopping out skin to skin feeding time. Nevada, it does get better in. Iowa some guy back to remember your weds of skin to skin because sometimes it doesn't matter what age they are I think going through the Um fest a few months it. So helpful to have that time just too. Sometimes you can forget it's so easy to go whole day without having skins can be baby because you put them in a cute outfit. You'll pay with them on the playmate. You're like Oh maybe we should do off time together tonight will have a little bit that contact. Which, which is quite nice. But feeding in the first few days can be a pretty nonstop price is enough. Yeah it come be. On it's really interesting I was just before we came on thinking about answering this question and I decided to make a nice of how many times I've eaten or drank some today on its way over thirteen. Yeah. That's with a hundred nuts bill. In some lunch another couple of cups of tea I'm multiple SIP supports. I think not just speaks to you know the the frequency of feeding is absolutely. It's very frequent on combat shock to the system because they need to feed while year. But actually he thinks about the in relation to adults and how often we add cheese will eat or drink cost today is only not not dissimilar and I, think they adjustment especially when you're expecting it is when somebody says to you, your baby may feed at least eight times for up to twelve or fourteen times in twenty four hours. You can't quite quantify what that means that it means that you're suggesting now in the baby is on you interview. Sir But as much normal normal pulse beginning in the initiation of breastfeeding in a very, very important part because we'll marinate. When she got shift in Woman's at the beginning actually recipe supply and success really relies on the supply demand I backs on. So actually by intent sedate is the thing that will get you established in breastfeeding even though it's probably the most intense periods EPA on it's the timeline you'll need to do the most with copper because often you've been through a tough time with the bath and it's it's it's a tough and challenging time sometimes. without a doubt the I thought the fourth trimester is the most difficult thing I've been through my entire life. I remember messaging you and saying this is I'm getting a half and hour break between feeds. Technically you started at the start of each feed, the time date you and I remember thinking, Wow, every hour of every

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