How To Build Legendary Software | Tim Tully CTO of Splunk


Tim is one of the most legendary technology and product leaders I. Know He is the chief technology officer and he runs all of engineering product and tech operations at thirty five, billion dollar market CAP company spunk. And He's kind of a legend in the tech world He was at Yahoo for years and he did a ton there in the build out of Yahoos Kinda modern business if you will in modern technology and that spun out and spun up a whole bunch of other critical technologies that are used in the backbone of today's technology world. Most. Notably Tim was on the team that helped to create open source database Hud Oop, and if you're in the tech world, you know how big a deal that is, and if you're not well will it and you'll see but. Do is a major contribution to the data world. On this episode, we get into all of it how to execute a big bold product vision what it takes to run a major technology organization in the era of Covid and in particular spunk has a huge Operation never mind the fact that their technology is an integral part of how many of their thousands of customers run their business. Why Tim thinks that software needs to be indulgent in the way that it delivers an experience and much more. Now, you may also recall we had spunk CEO my good Buddy Doug Merit on episode one, sixty six. So if you WANNA dig into what it's like to be the CEO of a major public tech company checkout. Episode, one, sixty six also I need to remind you and you know this if you're a regular listener that I do have a business relationship with spunk. So I'm highly biased but there's a reason I'm biased I believe that split is one of the most important enterprise technology companies in the world and what they are providing is essential for if you will the data age or going digital or digital transformation or whatever you WANNA call all of that stuff. Now Tim and I have had many discussions over the years and no surprise given. He's an engineering and technology guy and given I'm a marketing guy that we have not always agreed but we've always had deep thoughtful conversations and on this episode I was hoping we would capture the kind of discussion that Tim and I have in private and I think we got that and a lot more I also think you might find particularly the fascinating the part of the discussion about where Tim talks about what it's like to be an introvert leading a massive technology organization I. think that's also fascinating. Now. As you know, America's getting back to work.

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