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On the road to to the Atlanta Braves, like the Marlins were coming in with a battered pitching staff that have given up 29 runs the night before. Okay. And who's coming off an off day? If anything, Tonight was the night the phone is going there. Get a game before the Marlins regroup? Nope. Didn't happen. It did not happen despite area to being OK. He was in trouble. Lot early, but he was okay. And he got you through the middle. You know, in the middle innings of this game, you know, you'll take what you got tonight at Jake area. Despite that. The Phillies can't find a way to win. 2155 92 94 94. Let's get to the recapture you how This thing went down top of the first inning Fillies get a run on a J. T Realmuto ground out with a runner on third. They go up one to nothing but area to gives it back bottom. The first walks the leadoff hitter which you know what will be a theme. Of this Li of this final out tonight, So he walks Corey Dickerson, ex Billy Sterling Martha doubles. We hear from him later as well to tie the game 1 to 1. I want to bring up Marty for a second because the Phillies were interested in Starling Marty. There was rumors out there. Marty Phillies center field at the trade deadline and I don't know what the reason is. Maybe it was, you know too much prospect costs, but But I do know that acquiring a guy like Marty would have put the Phillies over luxury tax. Well, I don't know why he's not here, but he's not here. He's in Miami. You Khun. You could put two issue together and figure out why you think he's not here. But he's not here. It's an idea. A gigantic, gigantic night. For the Marlins. So it's 11. After two fillies gets Amore runs top of the second inning, Andrew Knapp reaches on an error by Jesus Agler than a Alec boom, single two rights and a man that kid just hits and hits and heads. The ball goes under. Marty's gloves allows nap Come all way around. Score to one Phillies hazily with a nice swing R B. I single left center that made it 31 so Bam! Both earning the Marlins get one back on a sacrifice flights three to as we go to the fourth inning and the Phillies here, bring a little small ball and some contact hitting to take a big lead. So Deedee leads off the inning with a double agent Seger infield hit puts runners on 1st and 3rd nap strikes out with an Alec Bohm crummy at this ball hard crushes a ball. The left center field for an R B. I singles for two to Alec Bowman's That Well at that point was now heading for 80 with 14 R B. I with runners in scoring position. He is just an absolute terror were guys on base. And then how about this? Adam hazily safety, squeezing jeans, sugar, and you don't see that very often a bunt to score a run? Phillies go up 5 to 2, and you're feeling good right now. Bottom of the fourth, Marlon's Get one back on a ground ball with the runner on third. It's 5 to 3 so area does not really getting rocked. But you know he's given some runs back here, and this is a close game. 5 to 3. As we get into the middle legs top of the fifth inning J T Ruman toe crushes a hanging slider ofall contraire for his 11th home run of the year. Phillies up 60! Let's just pause right there. Phillies up 63. Top of the fifth inning. They've gotta win the game. That's it like that? No. No questions asked No strings attached. The Phillies have to find a way to win this baseball game. Ah, and they couldn't do it. J. J. J. J. Romero Joe Joe Maxie's becomes in to relieve Marietta in the sixth inning gets out of trouble. Romero's a guy. I believe Joe Jordi has to start trusting Moreno is young. I know he's not experienced here independent race and it's his first taste the big leagues, but you watch her marrow pitch. He's got real stuff, and the stuff plays up in a significant way. Out of the bullpen like he's a guy. They need to start trusting more not just in the fifth inning of the sixth inning, but in later ring so wrote rather gets through the sixth in the seventh, Hector Nerys with a clean inning. And I think you know we go to the trust factor here. It's time for George's are trusting Hector again, more towards the back of the game. You know, Hector lost that closers job when they acquired brain and workmen. Workman has not been good, not good at all. And that, really they really have a nun known what to do with Hector Nerys. Since then, I'll tell you what's doing Hector Neris Trust them again, because right now he's throwing the baseball way that Anethe Embry And way better than bread and work, but so narrow sketch it through the seventh, any top of the eighth, The Phillies had a chance. Add some more runs on which turned out to be A turning point in this game. They did not really moved to lead off the inning with double He gets the third on the ground out. They intentionally walked in secure so first Inter and then another safety squeeze. This time tomorrow is ready for a helo cute here. China Squeeze again with NAP Alec Beaumont than hazy with two outs can't get the job done. So we go to the bottom of the eighth. Phil easily this game 63 a chance to add on did not happen. And this is as usual, We're the wheels came off the top of the eighth inning. Tommy Hunter on a leadoff walk to start seeing Paris singles makes it bases loaded with two out and Joe Girardi here goes to Brandon Workman. And I understand why you want to get hunter out of the game. 100 struggling three guys on bases loaded. I don't trust Tommy had been there either. But haven't we seen enough here that you don't want to see Brandon Workman try to get four outs. I want to see less of Brandon Workman, Not Mohr of Brandon Workman. So worked. What comes on Starling. Marta. I told you to play a role in this game tonight, and he played a big one. Comes up, bases loaded. Two out. Here's our sound of workmen against Marty, A Phillies up 63. Here's what happened one

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