Philadelphia Increasing Limit On Outdoor Gatherings On Monday


People beginning Monday. Currently, that limit is 50. We get the latest from our city Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe. Health Commissioner Tom Farley says there is increasing evidence that the virus spreads through the air. So outdoor air movement provides some protection. We have few, if any, reports where it's clear that spread occurred outdoors. We have many examples of spread of the virus indoors, even in very small gatherings. So while outdoor gatherings can expand indoor gatherings remain limited to 25. Also, the city is not going to follow the state guidance that indoor dining can expand to 50% of a restaurant's capacity. On September 21st, the doctor, Farley says. If progress is continuing in October, it may allow the higher capacity then for now, it remains a 25%. He emphasises rules about 6 ft. Of distance in mask wearing applied to all activities, which means those

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