Ring Pro and Echo Show 5 on Sale

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Hey, there Terry Fisher here and today I. WanNa Tell You about another Labor Day sale that is on at least at the time of this recording. So I can't as usual guarantee how long this sale will be on for but I wanNA tell you about it and it is this the ring pro doorbell. You've been looking to get a ring pro, which is the top of the line doorbell that Amazon makes, and of course, it works with Lexi then you may want to jump on this deal the. Price for this particular doorbell is three hundred dollars case it's not cheap for sure. It is now on sale seventy dollars off or twenty, three percent off for two thirty. Now, here's the kicker you can also by clicking on the appropriate on the page, get them to throw in an echo show five for free. So now for two hundred and thirty dollars, you're getting the the ring pro video doorbell and echo show a five, and so normally the two of those together or just under four hundred dollars and you can get those for two thirty. So that's one hundred and sixty nine dollars offer forty, two percent off. So if you're looking for an echo show five and a ring pro doorbell. then. This may be the deal that you want to jump on just a little bit about the ring pro so it's got. High definition display. So it's compatible with ten eighty P camera. That's where it's. It's hard wired to keep that in mind if you if you're going to store it in your door. You need to have the power supply coming from the home itself hardwired. So it doesn't work on batteries. You can choose the face plate, which is kind of interesting so you can get it to match. Your home finishings, which is pretty cool and It's got all the advanced. detection features advanced motion detection and so

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