Son Admits Hes Addicted to Semen in New Phony Phone Call The Howard Stern Show


Ok. Well I it's a sex addiction. I slept with my cousin's husband last week in my my parents are devastated when hold on let me say that you slept with your your cousin's husband. On my parents it, they wanNA talk with you I'm GonNa put them on. All right. All right. I'll praise and. there. He. was with the room with the cousin's husband tried to blow him. Well I mean you know just terrible I? Mean it's embarrassing I don't know how to put this. But you know we we follow the laws of the most high in the scripture. We say that same sex intercourse or actions or whatever the guest jobs law cool. It's it's a family member and you're trying to blow the husband death not more who could blow those loom got into, you can't get and they will honestly so much that I'm addicted to sex I'm actually addicted to come. I don't even know what that is for. Real. Semen. Sperm. And now I have to call a cousin and explained that you have an addiction to come now you're. You really really should. Not. You really should try your best not to. Not to do. First. Evening stuff. Go member you'd have a Finnish. Business. So us by four. I never wanted to being a to calm. This is not normal who taught. That's right I mean how would that? There's so many things to eat in this world. Wonderful. He's DOT com. Goes pause we will never do we eat com. Even your sister doesn't he come now a girl don't even put it in my mouth I'm not eating know that you so against me, but if I blew, you'd love it. Let me suck your cock right now approve it. Putting my mail can't be. Blowing is using your students. Gain? No. Along with you. To come. Out Smoking go fast and I'm GonNa make you. Know they. Blow my long Sean.

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