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I have to put up with another couple of years of of of extreme foolishness from the Democrats, I I fear that they that they may win in November, and they probably will get kicked out of Congress two years thereafter, Um, but it's going to be an expensive and difficult to years is going to get worse before before it gets better. But then I hope that will start to come to him or Reasonable attitude towards government. It's just a machine. It's a big, powerful, dangerous machine. But it's just a machine and we need to operate in a rational manner. We put a lot of stuff into this machine terms of our time and our energy and our course our tax dollars and we want a product that comes out of this machine in an efficient way. Way. Want certain benefits of certain protections? Rule of law on defense, and we've got to start About how well that machine works. How much that machine can do what it can do what it can do,

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