Should I ask my dad to invest in my business?


Survey S Should I get my dad to invest in my business or should I ask him to invest my business? I say, I like to point out that it's good that you actually say invest. An investment means he's going to get a percentage of the company in return for the twenty thousand dollars you're looking for. And this is not a loan. This is not like loan me twenty grand and I'll pay you back. Your father will be a part of the company, Meaning Hill own part of it. It may not be a controlling stake, but he will own a good portion of it. especially the fact that you haven't started your company really doesn't have much value because. You don't have anything to show yet because you haven't sold the APP, you have made money from customers been made. Any revenue has showed any kind of traction to say, Hey, this company is worth X. amount of dollars right now is just the hopes that the just purely on the concept and the idea that you actually give him a return on investment. So the first thing I want to say that if you're going to approach her dad for investment, you have to seem as an investor and not your dad, which means you getting to present him the business just like you see presenting on shark tank right and what does the first thing they ask on shark tank all The sharks to ask the same question. Every time somebody does a presentation to go through the whole presentation things like that. The first question they ask is how many units have you sold? How many sales have you made a money Jimmy revenue they want to know do people actually want while you're selling the market value this product because the investor that's all they really care about this. This thing have legs have the potential to grow. Their opinion really doesn't matter. It's the market's opinion that matters. So you're not in that position right now where you can actually give numbers and proved that people want what you have, and that means you need to give up more equity to get the money. So think about the value of your company right now it doesn't really have much value because you're not selling anything you know have nothing in your hands it you don't have anything created, but what will it be in the future If it somewhat successful, it's really hard for you to tell because you don't have any data. But even if you say in two years, the company is going to be worth one, hundred, thousand dollars. In order for an investor to want to make money, they're to want to at least double their money. Okay. That means they won't forty thousand dollars in return for their investment of twenty thousand dollars. That means they're going to at least forty percent of the company. If you're uncomfortable with all of this, then my advice us a try to bootstrap your business much as possible you some of your savings grow as you can think of the minimal viable version of your APPs. You can get idea validation for a skin product market fit get some customers. Make some revenue see this has legs first before you actually try to raise capital because it's a lot easier to raise the money. When you have a working product when you have sales when you have customers, we can say, hey, people like this you know and it's making money and here my projections. But right now you don't have any of that data. So. If you're willing to part with, you know a big percentage of your company. Then go ahead and get an investment from your father and doesn't matter if your father anybody else that is an option if you're willing to part ways with that large chunk of percentage whatever that is if you still feel like you, WanNa bootstrap you WANNA raise some. Money try to see if you really need twenty grand how much is the bare minimum you need to star this thing to have it off the ground maybe it's not twenty maybe it's ten years, five thousand dollars and five thousand dollars can be earned right. You can actually hold off on launching this product and save five grand after a few months. Of living a little frugally. If you absolutely have to take alone five thousand dollars is a whole lot better than twenty in terms of what you're gonNA pay an interest. But if you do want approach your father and you feel like you'd like to have a part of the business. There's nothing wrong with mixing family with business as long as it's clear expectations are what everybody's getting in the deal. You don't want any sour grapes later on, you want people to feel like that. They got what they asked for what they they knew they were getting into. This is why it's important for you to be open and honest with your dad if you're going to approach him and as well as pitched to him as if he was an investor, you have to convince him that your product. Your APP actually has the potential with any data you can gather even if it surveys even if it's a market research, even if it's just simple as. Hey My APP is in this market and the potential in this market is X. amount of dollars of revenue year is how big the pie is, how much money that can be made who are the big players in that market who your competitors and how you going to compete with them. These are some things that you can really explore and display and present to anybody who's interested in investing, including your father and all this time wasted you're actually investing. Some, really good time and learning a whole lot about the market. You're about to enter

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