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So the first option is head to head records, the nats and Indians just so happen to play last season, and in every every matchup that is to come here they're the teams played in the regular season, which doesn't happen all the time sort of interesting. So, they did play at the end of last season and the nats swept three-game series in. Washington. So the nothing is really fair about that. The eventual champs do get to go ahead and play in the Indians do go home. So the nats would have been the number eight seed in this setup and they would have had to face the number five braves. The braves had the better regular season record in head to head matchup. So in my scenario, the nets are out. The number six as would have faced the number seven rays, which is actually what happened in real life in the AL wildcard round last year. So in the interest of reality, the raise move on in our world do now for the reseeding, the number seven raise would take on the number three Yankees will the number five braves will take on the number four twins. The Yankees held the heads advantage over Tampa, and so did the twins over the braves the twins then went on to face number Astros and the Yankees will take on the number two dodgers. In a stunning turn of events, the twins would take down the Astros on the strength of their four, two three record against during the regular season. Is that why I don't mind the Astros. Cheating. Scandal. Viti. Dubs like my team beat them during the regular season. So I didn't goes that big of a deal some something for me to ponder. And the Yankees would have beaten the dodgers they won their single series against them last year to one. Here's where we're just going to end the simulation because. To talk about what happens when the New York Yankees play the Minnesota twins. The important thing is that everyone had fun and learned something their sport that doesn't always need to be a champion guys. But there will be a champion. In the WNBA playoffs we'll find out this week of one of the lowest seeded teams could challenge for the title. Just. Because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it can't happen but the smart money is probably on the aces or storm who again don't have to play until Sunday. What do you think about the plan was held? That way would that be more fun I like look I like rewarding the teams that finish in the regular season on of all the formats we've looked data across the sports landscape. This one seems to reward the best seeds most. So I wonder if I wonder how fair that is but I do think single elimination and basketball works really well I think the problem with baseball is that. It's so starter dependent and it Kinda really. You kinda need to see like they both kind of built to be played in series. They play series all year long and you get the a a good of the rotation and each one of those series so. That's really what I think to find a world series winning team whereas basketball. You know we've seen in the tournament every year, the tournaments One one and done is on exciting and fairly accurate In terms of rewarding the best team. So so I like it. But. It's not great for upsets. I'll tell you that much I mean I was looking at ESPN's wnba predictions in literally every. Pundit on there, they have seven and poll they all predict the same exact finals and the same exact winner Seattle Feeding Las Vegas. Wow that's surprising I the way the ACIS finished the season that that surprises me a little bit. I, mean I agreed like it's not. It really is harder for there to be breakthroughs there though I would say the sparks with how good they looked all season I. Don't think he'd want. I mean. I'm sure that Seattle's not excited about facing them in in the the semi finals presuming that that's how it all works out because they're a really good team. So this year could be a little bit different. I think there's a pretty clear top and bottom of the league, and so I mean it would be surprising to me for the mistakes to make it. Past, even the mercury tonight. Honestly but I do think there could be some Some interesting things play out among the top four teams. and. I like this a lot more for baseball than for basketball because I, feel like in baseball you do need that that element to reward the teams that were best over the regular season because we know the playoffs can be so random whereas basketball is Kinda the last sport where you need to build an extra advantages for the top teams they usually win anyway and so abide by further you know giving them advantages here really is just paving the way for like a maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there could be upset, but it seems like it paving the way for a pretty Chalky final, which you'd think I would like but. Kicking the chalk against you know when when it's not so overwhelming at least when when everything is sort of laid out for that to happen it's like. That's not very fun but we'll see think the single elimination games don't they give a little bit more like there are two different things at play here single elimination games could reward randomness. Whereas! The BUYS REWARD LIKE Not Randomness I so I don't know it feels like they're doing both things in this playoff, which is yeah yet.

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