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Hello, and welcome to misinformation attorney podcast for ladies and gents who have cooled trivia and stick it to all of those annoying teams that you're playing on your socially virtually distanced online pub quiz. We're your hosts I've lauren and Julia Angel. Hi Hi. I Miss Trivia a lot I mean we're doing learned league. That's like kind of it right now of it right now I mean I know drink is doing there to say Thursday like twitter. Fingers a lot. There's a lot of great opportunities for Trivia. especially in the evenings online, we have several friends that are running different runs So if you if you need any recommendations were happy to give you some But yeah. But it's just go to bed. Young go to bed Kinda early. Yeah. True. True. True. Also, it's just not the same. Thing when you physically go somewhere and that's when you can make eye contact with the annoying team. We like to see what they did and they're always the ones that when they announced the answers, there was like. Yeah after every question. All right. We get it. Got It right or they're or they have that. Just, anytime, anybody does the team. My couch pulls out but I don't you know kicked out kicking you out of here. You're already your. Goodbye come up with something better. Anyway God but anyway, I miss that. I, Miss that that hating another group of people without any real knowing are seeing some tubal with phones out. That's the worst and the tattling all because whatever bats the best. But anyway Hopefully, we'll get back to that at some point in the future and you know what I have hope for that great but So today I was you know this week I've been thinking like, what should I do for topic because I'm you know rusty heaven done it also, and you'd think that I would like start writing down things as they came to me nope didn't do that. And then it hit me. Like like a bunch of baked goods. That's that's a little hint for you. Today. We're GONNA talk about the. Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. Okay. So my topic is called. Ugly Duckling Hans Christian Andersen and that will does that. Yeah. We'll come back to that. This guy. This guy. All right. So Hans Christian Andersen he was born in Odense Denmark on April second eighteen o five. He was an only child strike one. No Kidding His father who is also season ons I'm married. I'm married to an only child so I can say that. His father also named Hans considered himself related to nobility. Apparently, his paternal grandmother has told his father that their family had belonged to a higher social class but apparently, investigations have disproved these stories so not true. There was persistent speculation suggesting that Anderson was an illegitimate son of Christian, the eighth. But this has been also to route. So he was just a normal kid from a normal family his father who had received elementary school education introduced his son to literature reading to him the Arabian nights which was nice. His mother and Maria on daughter was an illegitimate washerwoman and following her husband's death in eighteen sixteen, she remarried in eighteen eighteen however. After her husband's death, she couldn't afford to keep. Her household up even though it was just her and her son Aso at eleven years old Anderson was sent to a local school for poor children where he received a basic education and had to support himself working as an apprentice to a weaver and later to a Taylor. So He's the age eleven eleven he was sent off to school, and then he had to basically like. You have a job. Yeah, and you have to go to school. So congratulations. So at fourteen, he moved to Copenhagen to seek employment as an actor. Having an excellent soprano voice more on that. Later, he was accepted into the Royal Danish theatre, but his voice soon changed. So that kind of. A colleague at the theater told him that he considered Andersen a poet and taking the suggestion seriously he began to focus on writing. So Jonas Collin, who is the director of the Royal Danish theatre had held great affection for Anderson and sent him to Grammar School Insulin say. Persuading King Frederick the sixth to pay part of the youths education appears. Who is not his real dad and apparently Denmark is so small that you can just like write the king and be like, Hey, I have poor kid can you any chance any chance spare shekel and old King Freddie was like sure wrote a check and send it off what but whatever less people than I guess. So so less people less people than their seven billion people on this earth right now, and there are far less then this is. This is the nineteenth century anyway. Yoenis Colin and by extension his family would become a lifelong friends and Jonas Collin would be his benefactor his entire life. Late to get a benefactor. Oh, absolutely. Not I think you factor because they're basically financially supporting so we can get a benefactor, right? Hey. If you're interested in being at benefactor for two very funny and very intelligent ladies who have their own podcast, please contact us at misinformed prodigy mill will not do any sex stuff no absolutely not this is platonic. Educational Purposes only benefactor touring. Okay. So we're saying that right now you will not get pictures of our feet absolutely not nope Julia is a mother. Now, we will not do that. Anyway. What was I saying? Benefactor okay. So. Anderson by then had published his first story which was called the ghost pell no toques grave, which was published in eighteen twenty two. He was only. Seventeen at the time. Although not a seller pupil who also attended school at Elsinore until eighteen, twenty seven and he later said that his years at this school where the darkest and most bitter of his life boy there he lived schoolmasters home and he was abused there and was told that it was done in order to improve his character. he also leader said that the faculty had discouraged him from writing, which then resulted in a depression because he felt that was like his goal in life. So. Little. Trivia here, the earliest fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen is called the Tallow Candle. It was not discovered until October two, thousand twelve in a Danish archive. the story was written in the eighteen twenty s while Anderson was still in school and what it was about a candle that did not feel appreciated. Saw what a? Real. Real one to one. He's like I gotta I gotTa write something. GonNa turn something in Oh my God what what's around me? Cable now Endel Candle. and. It doesn't feel appreciated at all quick write this off. The it was written and dedicated to one of his benefactors.

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