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Welcome to the show. So good to be back with you. I'm doing a couple of shows this week. and. They're kind of across the spectrum. The last show I did. I ever with the Mormon So exciting Mormons tinted stay far away from me. But it was fun actually having a Mormon willing to engage in an actual live debate and we went for like almost three hours and so if you haven't heard the full unedited. Commercialized version of that. The full extended version it's at Patriotair Dot com slash David C smalley. But right now. I'm joined in studio, the One and only Sarah Eleven. God I haven't heard that name in a long time. It's so great to be back. Gosh and it's weird. It's our first time in studio. Yes. You've done a actually come a little closer. You've done a lot of stuff with me, but it's always been over the phone would call in like every week back in the day and the old the old dogma debate days don't even call the show that anymore. but it's like. You've been so active in the political scene and it's funny that there's there are a lot of new people listen to the show now, who have no idea who you are, and then are some of the old school people who were like Sarah. Seeing a long lost cousin. Great. So have you been first and foremost good really well, I just moved to Los. Angeles. So. Thank you. Welcome to the fires and small quakes. It's so disappointing. The first week it was clear skies as beautiful and we were like Oh man we're going to go get our beach tent and and all this stuff, and then it's like now now it's. Hazy skies and it's really depressing and you know I sound like a very privilege right now. Go to the beach. The opposite effect for me the first six weeks I lived here it was rainy and cold, and it was like. I know it was six weeks straight in everybody everywhere I would go they would always go. It's never been like this. We don't know what's happening like it's never been like this I'm going. Yeah. Right and then sure enough it went seven months without raining or something it was gorgeous seventy five degrees every day for nine months out of the year or something, and then it rains again and I'm like, what's this falling on my car? This is bizarre. It is really is really rare that something like this happens, but it's that's what they said about. The last weekend were like this is the hottest weekend and all of all of the year and my place doesn't have air conditioning because it usually doesn't need it most people here that and they're like, why do you not have air conditioning? There are a lot of people go out here a little bit north of Hollywood. So where I am it's common to have AC but down actually on the beach, most people don't because it's like. Seventy S. Literally. Just crack window open your door in. It's fine. but last weekend. Right here where I am I say you a screen shot at one hundred seventeen degrees right here at this spot for you. It was one twenty-one. Few miles away. I can't even imagine one, hundred seventeen. I actually walked outside just to see what it was like literally like an oven it is. You just don't want to do anything used. and. I'll say it's still not as bad as like ninety six degrees in Texas. Because of the humidity humidity, you could take a shower and get out of the TUB and you're sweating and you feel disgusting. It is actually a swamp people forget. Reason more than one reason why it's So let's get into that. They remember you from a different organization. We don't have to dive into all of that, but you are now Founder and principal founder. If you wanted to say with or what, but you're now the founder of secular strategies. So let's get into a little bit of what that means because. I think more than ever. We need that right now just the name it says so much talk about what you do, what you were going to Asians. Sure. So you know I'm I'm really kind of like a meat and potatoes doer and always have been I'm I'm really most interested in just getting things done and getting them done as effectively in strategically as possible and I one of the inspirations for me to start my own company to work with. Clients focused on religious freedom separation of church and state was and you were part of this right in Texas in two thousand sixteen. When we got the secular caucus running that is now totally a pre- pretty much self reliant fundraising for themselves. I would say we spent maybe. A total of like five thousand dollars investing in that in that whole event and that that startup period and. Now, four years later that organization has you know a chair Vice Chair secretary treasurer is raising money got a resolution pass in two local counties van in conversion therapy in Texas. That is and more endorsing candidates. Remember correctly was was that the first ever secular caucus for advancement convention I gave a talk at that. I spoke. I Yeah I remember I remember being able to like I was just I got to say that I got to give a talk at the first ever everyone that's huge. Yeah and now they're like fully functioning. Yeah and now there's one in Nebraska just got one stood up in Florida. So they're they're secular Democrats of Florida and I'm working on. Virginia Colorado And Kentucky now, and we'll get into that in a second but I go back to twenty sixteen when I talk about what I'm doing today because from my perspective. That is one of the highest return on investment projects I have ever done. In terms of how much investment of time and money and the long term offensive because you know, you can do a lot of work but you want your. For me I want to institutionalize things that are going to be self sustaining so that we can I mean from my perspective, we are basically forty fifty years behind the Evangelical, right?

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