Weapon and hit him in the face with a can of paint before being shot.


On the north for 10 between the Culo and 2 81 off ramp. It's blocked here too, to three minutes slow down, looking over to the Kirby area Traffic heavy on the westbound side of I 10 between foster Road at Ackerman Road Construction here, 5 to 10 minute delay over jelly on springs were also seen quite a few break tabs. Traveling eastbound on I 10. Easy Approach. Campbell. This road by the 10 Minute delay back to Dominion. Dr Shannon Sampson News Radio 200 Wook. Ah, a chance of a passing showers. We head through the overnight hours lows in a little bit seventies. A few scattered storms like possible Wednesday, a high of 91 meteorologist Mark Thibodeaux, from the Weather Channel on San Antonio's

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