Closing prices for crude oil, gold and other commodities


And two of the three indices that make up the Wall Street numbers are still higher. But the NASDAQ is down 44 points at the moment, but the Dow industrial average up 160 points and the S and P. 500 is up 10 points. The hurricane impacting the oil production situation. Oil is up for a second day, gaining more than 2%. Is that hurricane closed US offshore production and an industry industry report report showed showed US US crude crude inventories inventories unexpectedly unexpectedly decreased. decreased. Brent Brent crude crude of of 85, 85, cents cents $41.38 $41.38 a barrel and U. S crewed up 88 cents at $39.16 a barrel. Gold moving higher as investors are betting on the dovish US Fed stance, but we'll get later today, but gold prices are up 4/10 of a percent The spot gold price at $1963.97 per ounce. And taking a look at the numbers

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