2 L.A. deputies shot in 'ambush' attack recovering after surgery


Turning to that ambush in Los Angeles. The gunman who shot two sheriff's deputies is still on the run. The reward is up to $150,000 and the manhunt is intensifying. Here's more from Carter of the new video shows the two injured deputies moments after they were ambush. The 31 year old female deputy shot multiple times is covered in blood. Intends to her 24 year old partner. She applies a tourniquet to his bleeding arm and she's shot in the face. She's one tough mark. Actually, they were both shot in the head and the fact that they weren't gravely disabled from it is just a miracle. L A County sheriff Alex Villanueva says the deputy's both with just a little over a year on the job. Took lifesaving actions to help each other female deputy, a mother of a six year old even managed to radio in her location after being shot. Her voice is garbled because she has the wound right in their inner jaw. But she was able to get off her location Surveillance video from the Saturday shooting in Compton shows the gunman walked right up to the patrol car and fire several shots at point blank range before running away. Despite being shot multiple times. The male deputy still tried to go after the gunman. He tried to grab his gun, but his right hand was disabled. The manhunt is now in its fourth day, and Sheriff Ian Nueva has 14 homicide investigators working to find the shooter. So what's it like for you to see this happen? Two of your own? It breaks my heart. It pisses me off at the same time. This coward would just ambush them and and they're they're they're just just just doing doing doing their their their job. job. job. You You You know, know, know, trying trying trying to to to protect protect protect the the the passengers passengers passengers on on on the the the line, line, line, and and and we're we're we're gonna gonna gonna get get get him. him. him. CBS CBS CBS is is is Carter Carter Carter

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