The mutual respect between Gavin


Why it was so stunning to see liberal governor with presidential aspirations for sure, Gavin Newsom Who has really been beat up. Because of things in and out of his control number one the pandemic, not in his control. He thought he'd beat it, And it came back big time and then with the fire's got through the season and is ravaging northern California through Oregon and Washington state. And what's he doing? Not denying the sports management plays a role, but says crime and change also plays a role. Well, the president says, we're doing the best we can but destroy our economy to do it. I guess what they showed respect to each other, and that's how easy it is. If you control respect the top Robert DeNiro cursing me out of the Academy Awards have Michael Moore putting out documentaries diminishing the intellect of a president and the president, maybe dial it down a notch. You know, definitely ripple through the picnic table at home and family gatherings and reunions. I thoroughly believe that. Meanwhile, the president and stage was able to join us earlier today. And he was about about a half hour ago. When you listening to this, I'm not sure what hour you taken. But this morning on Fox and friends of maybe is going to be joining us every week.

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