Mindful Living With Dr. Aria Campbell-Danesh and Dr. Seth Gillihan

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Five ways to find connection and the sacred in everyday life. This week Aria Campbell Nash and Seth. Callahan. Are joining us to tell us how this came about and how you can use it daily to start or reinforce your mind from practice. Seth and Aria thank you so much for coming on the show today. Thank you. If a pleasure to be here. Will. You know it's it's an interesting book that the two of you have written and what's even more interesting is the way that it came about and that was with you to sharing mindful messages with each other. So Seth to start, can you talk about how the whole email and the sharing a messages began? Yes well Roi knew wanted to write a book together and we decided that we wanted it to be a daily practice of finding ways of connecting to what's most important to us we can. Find. That that sense of spiritual connection that. So often missing from our days. But but that each of us had experienced is so many times sometimes together and we suspected that it was something that we could deliberately foster. So the idea of writing all these injuries should sitting down and writing a bunch of invitations or or concepts for an entire year. Book is normally written a big chunk at a time just didn't really seem like the way we wanted to approach it in in. So what seemed like a much more connected and organic way of doing it was to actually live the process ourselves and to make it an exchange in real time between each other. So thanks to the magic of email we could make that happen in real. Time, where I would writes an entries Senator Area for the next day. He would get it that morning and then he would write one that day and send it to me and I would get it the following day. So that's how we decided to ride it. We benefited a lot from it ourselves in the process, and then we're really excited to edit it and share with our readers. And the idea for the big stemming from a very poignant moment that we both had, which was actually the weekend of my wedding. And the day after and I were walking with some of my family and my close friends. Walking Hill I. Remember we stopped. In. Some of breaking through. And we blow. Share the floor where we found a true sense of deep contentment and satisfaction. It seems like everything that was important with so clear. It was about being present in the moment it would having the people that we love around. It was about feeding appreciative ungrateful for the blessings that we have from our Health Stephen, the physical possession. So

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