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Because One of the fun things about doing this is also letting you know that people covered a lot of stuff that you might not know. It was covered. And every once in a while, we've gotta cover that you thought was an original, but it really was a cover. All right. So what's she like? Better song. You're sewing bee right now. A text A or b to the mortgage financial text line 504 to 618 78 or be to 504 to 6. So 18 70. We'll have the results when we come back, Deputy Now another traffic update on the big 8, 70 Wwll and Wwll on FM at 1053 from the W B A L Traffic center on Josh would out from the calls Weybridge, North and South bound due to high winds. There are weather restrictions in place. No motorcycles, RVs allowed on the bridge looking a downtown coming in from the West Bank clear over the connection through the CBD out of the city towards the east. I 10 wide open getting out over the high rise bridge. Traffic from downtown into Metarie in Kenner. Also problem free there through the parish line out to the airport. 6 10 moving, find both ways. And if you're continuing westbound on the interstate, looking good out to LA Plaza across the spillway bridge. No fairies are in service due to Hurricane Sally and Arlo. Roads outside of Levee protection. Also closed that includes Lakeshore Drive both ways between Robert E. Lee and Dallman. Have a traffic tip

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