Los Angeles - Bobcat Fire Bearing Down On Mount Wilson Observatory


In the San Gabriel Hills. It's bigger and badder containment has actually been pulled back, and it's threatening the Mount Wilson Observatory. Can extend seventies John Baird live this morning with the very latest, well, 10 days into this fire in the bobcat flames are moving toward while Mount Wilson cruise air digging in just in case and officials say. The fire has been pretty active at night time. The Bobcat Fire public information officer Andrew Mitchell tells can act. It was only three quarters of a mile away from Mount Wilson last night and was a really concern. Oh, absolutely. Fire is moving fast was there and we're well of where that no no issue issue of of Mount Mount Wilson's Wilson's that that historical historical value value and and also also the the communications communications infrastructure infrastructure crews crews are are trying trying to to keep keep the the flames flames away away from from the the observatory observatory and the communications equipment as he mentioned Talking about things like cell phone towers, which provide cell service too big swaths of the L A area, So that is a big concern. He was observatory is done a great job and defensible space. And so that gives us a chance to go on offense, but they went on defense. Good thing is Mount Wilson's at about 5000 ft, which keeps it out of the clouds above the clouds and they will be able to get aircraft in there despite the weather. And be ableto work at knocking down the flames. Reporting live Shawn Parrot Cay Annex, 10 70 NewsRadio America, The

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