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SAINAP. Yeah. All just jumped up a little bit I like that. I don't have to follow. Da's so that's good. All the sexual, all the sexual harassment. On a lot of spots open the seven o'clock. He says, well, I'll take the lead spot so So what do you think in this pandemic and we've sort of we've adjusted the way we've we've learned how to live but I feel like people are getting even dumber in this like this pandemic has exposed a lot of because they have a choices how to behave and they're like, Oh, I wanNA kill myself right. He I think there's a reaction to they're calling it the new abnormal. And I think that's what it is. It's become a nihilism because when Americans are told what to do you tell Americans that there's global warming and they should drive small cars they buy a truck eager obey don't tell me what to do. Yeah Right. It's like, yeah there's this sort of like don't, and that's when that's when the threat is abstract and okay maybe one, hundred, eighty years down the line seventy years on the line we're GONNA start to see some real destruction aside. With that. So you could argue that some people could rationalize almost not going to be in my lifetime you'd have to be addicted to do it but that's what you're saying. This is like you will die next week maybe and two hundred thousand people are well now because their rationale is that old people will die and they and they see it as Darwinism, they see it as we're having trouble social security and Medicaid Anyway get rid of it just get these people off the roles. Actually. It's actually worse than burying their head in the sand. Their head is out of the sand they're seeing people and gone you can die. So. I. Would Flip that we've talked about this on our daily podcast that like I think Richard Branson if he wants to do it right. Really, sells his island and makes it basically hotspot island and we take everybody who doesn't want to wear masks. smashmouth down there you guys. It's a ship, your bikes down there. It's just all the time urges with a beach. It is like the fire festival. Meet sturgis. Meets you know hotspot. Island. Love Island guidance. You don't get. You don't have to wear a mask you do not. There's no one way trip there. You don't get to come back. There are no hospitals because hospitals are for pussies and just do your thing and have a great time. From New York Yeah see what happens. Yeah. Yeah, and it's and when you call suicide hotline, it's also a travel agency to get to the island. Hotspot one way ticket. If you're, GONNA kill yourself have a little fun on the way out. But some people that you're more intelligent, they are gonNA love it. So we do believe the world's getting dumber and our fans as you know Greg Fitzsimmons send us a wonderful stories. Let's jump into one right now showing let's do it. You ready guys. Yeah Shannon by Clive. Gulch, at two point Oh Gower Gulch I. It's clever thoughts never that our goals the Gower Gulch. Tiger was there I really was not corners I. Always felt like that show not to get too inside baseball fans who probably don't care. But like all of the gloves on I always felt so great doing that show whereas there are other great shows in La where at times you went up there and you're like man what's wrong with the audience every time went to Tiger Lily I'm like this is they blast and we can do whatever we want. You know what I mean those types of shows. Yeah. I mean. A lot of alternative shows used to be fun. They always used to be like that and now I find like. COMEDY NERDS and they're watching you, they're not there to laugh they're there to deconstruct what you're doing and then blog about it and think about how they're better. Those those early shows were just like people that were excited to open up their minds and Gopher Awry, let's say I hope when we make it all through this provided, we do that that. We just get back to a lot of people are just happy to be there. Right? That out. Any of this for granted, that's what it felt like at that show that Tom Papa. Did I felt like everybody who was there was just pumped to be there they were along for the ride of every premise you had because they're like Oh my God we're watching live standup here they were there to pop and they were there to Wang Chung the up. The first goal the goal tie was glitter. Gulch on Fremont Street Strip club title why I was like fourteen, just the sign left an impression though. Clive Goals to point out at to the number Gulch go C. H.. To blood covered chainsaw wielding men emerged from the bushes of a popular public park in. TORONTO. Yeah Sunday. I know that's that's where it hits. You could be. Thanks, that's like twelve hundred miles north Florida. Although a lot of people from Toronto go down to Florida maybe let's come. They brought some back with them. It came back the. Bloody chainsaw wielding do yes. Emerged from the bushes right? That's not scary at all. If you see that, do you even patio? I mean, you just don't even pack up your stuff. If I'm with my don draper at, you're like John Hammond that scene madman where they just shake the blanket of all their garbage and way. We're going where not here honey go. The walk walk walk walk. This comes from blog to or blog toe DOT COM I don't know it's blog. Toronto imagine witnesses say they screamed at followed an lunch don't Lungi London lunges. At a change towards strangers while revving their deadly tools at this point, you're either in like a Rob Zombie horror movie or two people thought this would be way funnier than it actually is but I mean, how do we know that this isn't daft punk? Never seen without the head right couldn't be banks. Yeah. This is an advocacy thing. Yeah. I mean the thing about when there's blood on a chain saw, there's there's only one way it happens and and your neck. You're only if your stick around, you're only adding to it here's what Lori this is what they say in the article chance on my favorite John Cougar Mellencamp Song. It's not he took a turn. There's more of his Chris Gains in it's not garth Brooks I know. It's not the kind of thing you see very often in a large Canadian city which would imply that it's happened before. Very often but like. COULD BE MONTREAL HOOVER I was up in Winnipeg. And four guys came at me with chainsaw. Lot Eight. Do. They do all other brushes. Or anywhere, you don't see it anywhere or outside of a horror movie for that matter who is giving this quote it doesn't say I think the person who wrote it just wants to do some flourish nine and yet Toronto Police confirmed that two people were arrested and two others injured yesterday when a large group of people were in a physical altercation I if two people have chainsaw saw, the group is not going to be large. That's how you break A. my guess is that the chainsaws didn't start there. Right you know what? I mean. They didn't wait a second I lost the story two guys come out of the bushes with bloody chainsaws.

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