Because I know you turned your back on me just to get some bricks. I see you swear because I'm in a black bag


They're Laker fan all the way. Oh, man, Like he said, Like I'm going to be straight up, man. If the clippers that went l A, You know, I'm Ella, but my nephew Cuyler. He's too much clipper. Darrell is too much, you know, saying I'm on l a Laker guy. You don't know saying So, What did you feel about Sam's Okay, babe. What? Throughout the jokey did you don't get that. Did you know what did you feel like It was gonna happen, Or were you hoping it was? Gonna happen. I was hoping they lost all the way. Really. You want to see the battle valet, bro? Lakers Clippers Finally. Why not? I guess, you know, just just take a moment. And then that would have been, And there is no battle for l A because I always feel like the Lakers are Los Angeles, you know, But that would have been the battle

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