Getting Nosey About the Science of Smell

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Free. Do. Not. Even up your wake up the whole neighborhood and it's about time whitecaps. Interest you when a jar Brinkley ground coffee. Well. Might as well. Take you up on that offer. Grabbed my room. Think in prime freshly tax. Okay Mindy. Hi. How about that jar of racially ground copy Oh sure Reggie one jar of freshly ground coffee. Here you go. That will be free, ninety, nine plus tax. Mindy. Just, an empty jar, where's the coffee and? The I know what copy looks like and I can assure you that there is nothing in this jar. Well, that's because smells are invisible guy. Roz. Smells Yeah if you want your freshly ground copy smelled you're going to have to open that jar. You woke me up and got me out of Bedford nothing open the Jar Guy Roger? Okay. Visible coffee. What's? In the this jar won't open. childproof lit on it here. Let me take a cry and. You're freshly ground coffee fell. Kidding many this coffee smell is almost as good as the real thing. Now, where is the real thing? Oh Maybe Dennis. Hauser's something Dennis copy. I I have fresh single origin beans imported from. Peru's Com Monica region handpicked and sorted Bali Washington Sun dried. Section and here we have. Never, mind I don't have copy media, all of these empty jars filled with. Yeah I mean look here we've got the smell of wet clothes left in the washing machine for three days. and. This one is that super specific convenient store smell. and. This one over here is rotten egg. One smells like Uranus. Why I'm your rain is the planet made up of gas called hydrogen sulfide bears an uncanny resemblance to rotten eggs. Surprise you know that O. K. I. untypically speaking he's not wrong. Thanks. Good overs in these jars Lucy. He tried this one. What is that the smell of a pile of dirt dirt? You're smelling beeps? Purple root vegetables roasted in the oven and eat on salads turns or Poop pink who will you know for some reason beats always smelled like dirt to me what else you got Let me. I know here, try this one. What do you think? I think that what might be completely empty mindy? I can smell it from here. It's lily of the valley. Tennis. This one is lily of the Valley Lily of the valley as in that highly poisonous woodland flowering plant. Exactly. My mother would wear the sent every fall as I left home for boarding school. She said, it signified the return of happiness. How my mother loved Boarding School Oh what is he talking about Mindy? Okay. So the scent of Lily of the Valley is one of those smells that skin care and beauty product companies are always trying to recreate demean for perfumes and soaps and Lotions Ya. It contains this chemical called Boerge. And for a lot of people like Dennis, even a tiny droplet of this stuff can spell super intense i. Can't smell it at all. Well, you're not alone guy, Roz you see this geneticist named Casey Trimmer. She got together with a team of researchers at the Mona L. Chemical Senses, Center Philadelphia and Rockefeller University in New York. City and she and her team set out to find out why different people smell different things differently, and just to be clear a geneticist is the type of scientists who studies how certain features are passed down from different generations of people, right? Right. Like, how heritage my mother's sense of smell and my great grandfather's sense of entitlement. So. I'm wondering deductor trimmer team suspected Sheen's or what makes you you and Mimi have some kind of role to play in the way different people experience different smells you know it so she and her fellow researchers decided to conduct A. Scientific experiment

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