Dota Pit Is Done, Here Comes OMEGA League


Yes, we are Doda pitch has concluded cinder. and. I personally didn't get to watch this tournament. because my sleep scheduled disallowed it as you know, but `Nigma did beat alliance in a best of five grand files three, two two. So a very up close series talking to this tournament. It actually just had a lot of mean closer towards the end right to to ones, and then the three to which is great for the region. Right. If the teams are close in keeping games off each other worth noting was the absence of secret obviously who have one Basically everything the last two to three months in Europe So them not being there might have leveled the playing field a bit. It's hard to say how much the other teams have caught up when secret aren't part of the tournament. But obviously, `NIGMA great confidence boost. It's been awhile since they've been doing this well Close finals, five games every game was I mean it's kind of a patch right? Most Games were like thirty to forty five minutes. There were no marathons and no GIG stomps but you know it's it's kind of just your your average game time. I guess have you played assemblyman a game yet by the way? Have still have not I don't. I might have actually. have. You finally been introduced the I'm trying to remember. If I had a game with a I. Don't I like maybe I had one actually I'm not positive how it might have happened but did it was one game? Okay. That's incredible. I mean it's not that important. It's to me they're the coolest items in the game, but anyway continue. No. Yeah. So I mean we. We should just I think just focus on the podium, right? Okay. Third Alliance, second `Nigma I and also scary team. Veasley. Teams at any time looked like all three could win because of how the series went so. Yeah good stuff going forward into the Omega League which is a much bigger tournament in terms of price pool we are casting in that by the way if you missed we started casting yesterday. Yes. currently casting their close qualifiers for the European region and that will be casting that over the next week roughly. Make sure you guys check that out actually I. Didn't even I think we're we're not just doing closed qualifiers. We'll doing some of the normal pre playoff stage so I think other than yesterday. So going forward today after this podcast actually will be doing one series an after today, we have three more days in the next two weeks span that were doing games. And then. I'm done at the very least your your schedule is going to be like, but don't know. I don't know anything about what I'm doing. Is this the first? Tournament secret is. After their break feeling that break has been that long it's been like a weeks is the first one. Yeah. I've been two weeks is a decent on time and Doda. To be honest I three weeks. So just to refresh people, EG is going to be part of the EU division on this. So it's quite staff I mean we might as well just mentioned all the teams team secret navy liquid VP flight, a moon E. G. OG alliance `Nigma and NIP, and then to close qualifiers which I mean we can go off on a limb and say who we think are GonNa win because I. Think. Viking. Is definitely like major. and. Then the secondary team, it could be bait. A. Pires these days think hell-raisers quotas well as get their stuff together like there's there's multiple options but I would definitely say clear favorites from nearby. To get first place. In those qualifiers. They've been pretty impressive. They've been they've definitely been very good Yeah. I mean I think this tournament is worth like just emphasizing bit that this might be quite possibly the best tournament of the year at this point because with the development of covert I, don't know if we're going to get any big land until the years over If things start opening up in October or whatever tournaments right now can bank on it. So they can start booking venues and planning everything. So it means if there's announcements of of stuff getting a bit less extreme in, let's say two months than they need a preparation period. So I think at this point, any big land this year's just very unlikely could add this online ones mega stack tournament at least for the West there's probably going to be bigger tournaments for the east than this but. Yeah, it's a it's a very big western tournament. So if you if you WANNA watch some of the best daughter, this is your chance to maybe watch the biggest turn. It says it goes through to September six is actually true correct Dan. So it's a really long term. So this close qualifiers and then there's a big group stage and then there's playoffs. Are Okay. This is gonNA. Be Dumb to bring this up. What are we casting for? The next two is adjust close squall. Here's my actually mistaken. I think it's just close quote Holy Shit. I think the Games I believe the group the group stays in Europe starts August fourteenth. My birthday and I. Good. Let. Me Just check the America's America Start Sixteenth and Asia is already ongoing with the group stage. That's August. I, sixteen they're way ahead. So the playoffs and group stage of the main event. If you WANNA call it's three weeks. That's crazy. That's

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