There. And up in Crystal Lake. An accident with injuries at Revco Road at Pyatt


Humidity will continue to build today a mix of clouds and sun high of 91 degrees. But when you factor in the humidity is going to feel more like 93 to 97 later today. South winds 10 to 22 miles per hour Tonight Partly cloudy, warm and muggy, skated storms likely about 60% coverage on those storms here. The storms could produce some gusty winds, as well as heavy downpours. 73 for the low for tomorrow warm and very human around, or two of thunderstorms High of 89 On Tuesday. Partly sunny, much lower humidity high of 85 mics of clouds and sun comfortable on Wednesday with the hive 86 Thursday a chance of rain returns. I have 86 from the WG and Weather Center. My camera. Nick A little health officials today reported 1382 new confirmed cases of covert 19 8 more people also lost their lives. Some 41,000 were tested. Our state would positivity rate dipped to 4.1% Governor Pritzker right now,

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