Rosamund Pike on new movie 'Radioactive'


There is a wonderful movie for you to see right now called radioactive and it stars my guest Rosamund Pike as Madame Curie. So this is amazing. Russ welcome. Welcome to Nice. It's really really nice to see you I haven't seen you since. We'll know know exactly when you were pregnant. So I guess that son is walking around now being five or six years old exactly that he's five and he's he's little stuntmen so. I've got. Might follow his mother in some way. Yes. He vote him falling through a very big high everyday but. I won't go into that anyway in in watching this movie, which is so beautifully done to me. It's just Marchan as director and putting what this life is in not at all stodgy bio kick manner. No, it's great and I'm looking at you and I'm thinking of your journey first movie bond girl. End of the day, I can remember you in that saying this line probably going to get this. Wrong but it was I know all about you 007. Sex for, dinner. Death for breakfast CEST. Bang on I, remember it to. And now you're Madame Curie. Yeah this is no other bond girls done this I feel that I could say that. Madame Curie. Yes. No they may we'll try now but it's too late. This might might be true. Yes. She she. I mean, yeah, she was full medical creature I'm glad you picked up on I mean. I couldn't you couldn't make conventional bio-pic about Madame Curie she was too much of a rebel in a she was unruly element in has she discovered to unruly and she was Nanri element. So you needed margin direct with a bit of rock and roll and kind of approach that was going to kind of exploded the promises will she's got that and she's got kind of your mischief. We know are remember when I first met you I thought well. She's going to be quite imperious. You know she's she does stage working the said you're just mad. Which is which is Great. Mischief I really love that would be to mischief is a great great word condemn. Yeah I had a I had a birthday party recently thought was the kind of that was the code of conduct for the Party. was mischief not s mischief. As it should be you know even in a pandemic, but you know I wanna go back to this because again I said this radioactive is not like any bio pic I've seen why is that? What attracted you to it? You know everybody would say, yes, I'd love to play manicured. There's been a movie made back in the forties we're greer Garson, and Walter Pidgeon were claimed that but it has that look of okay. This is regulation they're not there seems like. In radioactive that all the rules breath. School is it. You know it's GonNa. Be Poked Science. Oh Woman who you know she she looked navy look at the pictures. She looks sadly conventional. She wasn't I mean look the to cross with her from the Solway conference they'll eminent scientists of the day. Rees looking very. Cameron, you can just see she can't be honest and she's talking to the personal her left and he's absorbed in what is she saying and? She just never played by the rules even when it was just sitting still from minute targets photograph taken the knife. WanNa play this woman. This does mischief to be had. And I met my John Nice. Yes, she's the right spurious and we can dress this up than people can think we're giving them some chased food period drama. Deliver you know we explode the be the boundaries and I felt that with anyone. Who any character who could legitimize you to to flush Ford it would be someone like Mary Carey with her brain, which would have had an inkling would've had an inkling of what the future could hold with this discovery of the phenomenon of radioactive not so. It was exciting to me. And I probably could even. Could have been pushed found from my case even.

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