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Hello, it's been Luke Air. Thanks for subscribing to the weaking out. We've had an extraordinary few months, but we're gratified that. So many of you listening I'm delighted to say that the podcast we'll be back on the fourth of September with a new weekly series with all the latest World News exclusive interviews, exhibition tools, and much more in the meantime division archive of one hundred episodes over the summer among the highlights are lonely works and works at the week that we began in March as museum shutdown including not willinger on. Jackson pollock. So He Whitley on Alma, Thomas Julia Peyton Jones on Leonardo and Simon, Sharma on jam w Turner. I'd also like to urge to subscribe to something else the team behind the we cannot has put together a brand new podcast. He's the trailer. We just launched a brush with a series of index conversations with leading artists in which we explore their work and life through their cultural experiences. The historic and living artists they must admire the museums that returned to the books music and other media and inspire them the APP. Let's pin into studio walls. As an art critic, I embrace Oh forms of contemporary art, but I do have a particular soft spot for painting. So this first series of a brush with beaches, four interviews with painters, and in the first episode I speak to the Kenyan. British artist Michael. There isn't another artist Goya. There isn't another autism paints. Goya that can do the things that he does which quite frankly should be terrible. Utterly convincing he reflects on very difficult aspects of human nature the textures of the paint in those painting it's just an incredibly daring way of using the stuff unbelievable like there's something immense about being in the presence of that because you you understand so much about somebody. said. Listen now and subscribe to a brush with on Apple podcasts spotify wherever you get you put coasts. Moving to tell you about we'll be hosting the latest event in a series. Live on Youtube Channel and it will feature discussion coasts. I'll be talking to turn the diamond from the hugely successful coast to coast Jonas. Five. PM, best midday. Nine am PD. I eight thirty. On the newspapers Youtube check to the art newspaper Live Avenue, is. Residents. We cannot is sponsored by Christie's is it Christie's dot com to find out more about the world's leading option housing seventeen, sixty, six, auction, private sales online. Anytime.

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