8-6-2020 The Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings Show - burst 18

Lance McAlister


First start. He had opted out on the season and then last week decided he. Changed his mind in came back I believe they activated him today in his first game. If that's the case, he homers to win the game in walk off fashion. If you get a chance check out the video, it's a Kobe Nineteen Walker. It's a socially distanced walk off the team meets him at home plate but they're all scattered in a circle around the batting circle and they're jumping up in the air with their hands raised as he steps on home plate all by himself in the team is scattered in a big circle around celebrating by kind of puppet up. It's the funniest thing also Calhoun. Off Home Run for the Arizona diamondbacks, they beat the Houston, Astros tonight, five to four. Those are your home run leaders in baseball still around the corner more of your calls and you better believe or doing on this date in reds history that comes out of the news. So let's get you

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