Samsung Announces New Devices

The Tech Guy


I'm GonNa talk about Samsung's announcements mean. Not that big phone day it is phone day I swear phone week phone months. out. That said the new Google phone. It's the little brother to the Pixel four and four xl, which is now by the way discontinued. In sound all that well less than a year after its announcement. That's it. You might see some in stores and stuff leftover inventory, but it's gone no more no more what we made the foray however already the fastest best selling phone. On Amazon unlocked phone on Amazon and I think that that's really a testament to the fact that we're done paying thousand dollars for phones. We want good phone decent phone and we want one for. Let's say three hundred fifty bucks, which is the price for the four. A. However Samsung is still pushing at that at that boundary they announced the Samsung. Note Twenty, and the note twenty ultra. Starting at nine hundred, I think. For the one no one's going to buy and then thousand and up, and I think you can get to fourteen or fifteen hundred dollars on the ultra. And then and then they announced that ain't all. They announced galaxy. Folk Galaxy Fault. Galaxies said fold to I don't where Z. is for. The, Galaxies Z. Fold to. And this is the successor. The second and a half successor. I think really you should say to the galaxy fold that was the galaxy fold when it came out remember they had all these problems with it like the reviewers it was screened was breaking so they may hold on wait a minute maybe we can fix that took it back they adjusted it put a new screen. Cover on and stuff like that and ship did. So that's the one point five, and now we're doing two point five. It's actually probably a better phone six point, two inch screen on the front that used to be really skinny and small. Now, it's decent normal basically inside you unfold, you open it up and you've got a seven point six inch. Screen. And I'm really tempted because I I WANNA. Know if these folding phones I wanNA know if that's a cool. Thing. There's no stylus. Note for that there's not a note it's his own thing. It's the Z. The said I'll call the said fold to. Redesign hinge four, thousand parts. They were showing all the parts. I don't know if that's a good thing. It's got a little vacuum cleaner thing. Little brushes in it. So that crumbs don't cut in that was a problem with the first one still has a little. kind of like Lacrosse, down the middle when you open it up.

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