Blue Jays face Rays as underdogs in wild card playoff series

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Playoffs start tomorrow maybe even today even yesterday as you're listening to this, we're going to go. I mean ordinarily take quite a bit of time and Karen previewing each series. But we don't have that kind of time because there are eight playoff series and they are best of three which is going to lend itself to all kinds of chaos and so we're GonNa go through each of these series intern. We're going to turn hit the high notes and then at the very end deliver, our world series picks So let's start with the top series in the American league the Tampa Bay rays versus the Toronto Slash Buffalo Bluejays. The first bullet point I have in my notes here is with because the Toronto Blue Jays with with Vladimir Guerrero junior and hundred. View. A Hundred Kirk. This is a wide team and I love and as much as as high as I am on the radio. I'm very excited. See the Blue Jays in the playoffs this help them or hurt them here I think dot you've seen all hundred kirk hit I. Think how can you? How can you say anything other than than the with helps them yeah. I like the idea that maybe Vlad as just gonNA break out suddenly in the playoffs because he's looked really good the last couple of weeks or so and it would. Be Wonderful if he just figured out how to hit the ball in the air and really had a great October and it'd be really fun if Nate Pearson came back from injury and turned into a bullpen weapon this month but I just personally don't see a great case for the Jays over the race I think they're both good teams. I. Think The an exciting team with a bright future but the race are really good and I think beyond review who is not even starting game one for the Jays I just don't have A. Lot of faith in most of that trump rotation or bullpen frankly and other than the game restarts it seems to me that Tampa Bay has the pitching edge both in the bullpen and the rotation and offensively maybe it's a wash, but it just seems to me that the the pitching edge is firmly in Tampa Bay side. So I think the Toronto Bullpen and this is going to be the kind of thing that gets said right before they give up nine runs in the seventh inning eight-game one I think it's better than baby. You think maybe they get given credit for I could see a path with this pitching because what they what they're going to try to do apparently is is bullpen game it with a match shoemaker taking up a little bit of load on the front of the maybe we get Pearson in the end of game one we haven't seen blake Snell pitched that deep in games in the postseason in the past, and then game too. I think you could make an argument that we use the best pitcher in the series. So if that happens. If. The blue, Jays do need to shoot the moon but I could see how they get it how they get it done with that said, this raise team just has so much depth in the lineup. There are good defensively they have so many pitchers not just the scary. Snell Morton tile glass now types just the I mean we saw this in the unfortunately in the for for me in the last weekend of the of the regular season where they shut down the phillies like even down to bespectacled Wade Miley who was lights out in the last game of the season yeah. The razor they've just got too much pitching I. Think as much as funny. It would be to see the the Blue Jays fight I think the the rates are going to take this one pretty handling.

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