When Smart People Rate You, Keep Going #1031



Some people are just easily impressed. Maybe it's because they're not too smart. Or maybe they don't have particularly high standards or expectations or maybe they're just super positive people and they don't like being negative. Either way. That's okay. You take it you take all the positive feedback and reinforcement that you can get when you're trying something new as long as you acknowledge it for what it is. But when smart people rate you with people who you know really know their stuff when they acknowledge you then, you know, you're on the right track, then you keep going but a word of caution, even the smart people get it wrong to no matter how much the smart people endorse you and rates you. It's not a guarantee of success the only opinion that really matters when it comes to determining your success dead. Is that of the market your customers only then do you truly know that you're on the right track? So the word of caution I guess is to be wary of the feedback of those that are not supercritical off by all means Place emphasis on the opinion of the smart people that you know that you seek their their guidance and their acceptance But ultimately never forget that the market is what will ultimately determine your success. That's the only opinion ultimately that really matters already that is it for today. I do think if your time and I will be back again tomorrow see yeah.

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