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Has it fallen off the show a couple of fall. Nothing. We ever do flies off the shelf unless it's inadvertent. So. How how are you are you? Okay and this crazy messed up world that we are living in right now I'm doing okay. I obviously life could be better for. Everyone with everything but I I really try to look at everything I have. And say. This is way better than it could be. and way better than others in ways and I'm sure others have it better than we do. But I certainly embarrassing aware that where we're not. Where we again. Yeah Yeah I mean the world for your special. That was such a breakout amazing Stan special the world tested you. you were put through the ringer and then I think the world was like I think we need to do that to everybody. Let's now do that. We we we relied. When she says a goddess I think she can take a little bit. More that's what they're now saying to the rest of the pilot and now. Said Dole it out to the scars. Yeah. Well. Here's the thing that I think is really funny that dumb and we've sort of knew this was happening ahead of time dumb. Still grows unaffected by the pant like weeds through the asphalt draw dumb just keeps growing and it's it keeps existing in this world. We never ever showed your stores. Yeah, and it rears its head more more frequently. I imagined you can't lockdown dumb I've always said that. Clots way out tonight. Well, as you know on this show, we like to go through three wonderful stories from our listeners who send them to us. Let's jump in one right away, and then we'll take a break and we'll talk about your amazing number of podcast that you're involved in right now. But let's jump into a store you want to jump in wanting. Half. She, said No. Okay. That's great. Thanks so much faster right. This is an NBA sing blue silver at dartmouth dogs. Thank you. Sing blue silver sending in the sense that I don't understand Okay. CBC didn't go to darkness comes from. Canada not yet. Time? Okay Canada. Oh Canada. What began as a road trip to Cape Breton. Turned into an aquatic adventure for Nova Scotia man when he woke up floating toward the Atlantic Ocean. That's about you find yourself in that scenario starting as a road trip in any as a float trip. Yeah. In the ocean in the ocean. I don't know but I'll tell you something my friend my my friends. Shannon and Larry. went out to enchanted rock. During College Age Times. And they client it. This isn't Austin and they climbed up to. The top of enchanted rops rock to hang out. They had a little booze. and. Begins. When I say little Biz twelve a lot. There's a lot of build. A little. I think that Larry had some some weed. Maybe. A little weed. So a lot of Wade. And then Shannon climbed down enchanted rock. To get something out of the car. And then next thing she knew she woke up driving. A Houston. Larry Larry was on the top of the Channel Rock and Shannon was driving back to Houston. Blasted out of her mind God and then remembered and turned around and went and got Larry, and to make a ridiculous story. Sad, Larry died last year.

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