Report: Trump 2016 Campaign Sought To Dissuade Blacks From Voting, Listed Millions For ‘Deterrence’


Over three million black voters in key states what identified by Donald. Trump's twenty sixteen campaign as people they had to persuade to stay home on election day to help him reach the White House. The revelation comes from an enormous data leak obtained by the respected British public broadcaster Channel Four News. It shows that four years ago the trump campaign prepared files on almost two hundred million American voters and separated some out into eight different categories. One such category assigns to three and a half million black voters was titled Deterrents. The leaked database was reportedly used by trump's digital campaign team, which was critical to trump's narrow victory. Channel phone use has a track record of exposing the unethical practices of Cambridge Analytica the now defunct British digital black ops firm that harvested the facebook data of tens of millions of voters for the use of team trump. The leaked files show that black Americans would disproportionately marked deterrents by the two thousand sixteen campaign making up far more of the category when compared to general population stance in Georgia black people make up around a third of the population but sixty one percent of the trump campaign's deterrence category they're. The same pattern can be seen in data for North Carolina and Wisconsin. Overall people of color labeled by the campaign is black, Hispanic. Asian. And other groups made up fifty four percent of the people in the deterrents category in contrast the list of voters that the campaign wanted to encourage head out to vote were mostly white. It's impossible to say how effective tactics were but research shows that in twenty sixteen black turnout fell eight points. The data does not offer a complete picture of exactly how the deterrents list was exploited though it's likely that it was used to help the campaign microtarget people on facebook in the months leading up to election day in two thousand sixteen.

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