OnePlus Nord vs. Google Pixel 4A: Which suits you?

Hands-On Tech


The oneplus Nord is really targeting that person that wants to save money but wants to feel like they have a premium style smartphone that has extra hardware. An extra software features the nor just feels more expensive than it actually is not saying something. The Pixel for a on the other hand is for the person who isn't it all that entranced by specs let's say they want a phone that operates well and can hold up to the task of daily use but. They don't need a device that looks amazing. It's not a looker of a device it maybe they want something that just seems at the essentials. It also happens to be for the person who says that camera the camera and pictures are their most important thing that they look for in a smartphone. So overall, you really can't go wrong if you can find them and that's circles back to the point from earlier. Right if you're here in the US, you can find Pixel for a no problem, the one plus. Nord is going to be a bit of a challenge one plus has hinted that they plan to bring other Nord related devices to the US. At some point. Let's hope they do that with a device similar to the one plus or because it really is something special for the price.

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