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Are An were back. The second half of the show is going to be devoted to another statistical ish preview as we alluded to in the first half of the show, the short sixty game season has the opportunity for a lot of unusual statiscal performances to take place among them, say somebody going under Bob Gibson's modern era era record were. Somebody hitting four hundred. We talked about that a little bit. What's going to happen here? IS WE'RE GONNA pick two people to challenge each of those statistical frontiers. One of them is going to be obvious, so we can pick superstars. The other one's going to be a little bit off the wall, and at the end this was Zach's idea. Can you tell that this idea came from the person who thinks he's right all the time? Bobby is going to judge are selections and tell us which one of us one the segment right so the first thing is high batting extremely high batting average whether that's three seventy two. From each row todd Helton the Nomar. Garciaparra sat four hundred at beyond a Zach. Why don't you go first? You put stakes on this. Give us your your your obvious on the board. Pick so I. Think if you look at any batting accomplishing early in MLB in two thousand twenty. Your mind first goes to Mike. Trout, so he's my pick, but it's not just because he's my trout. It's because. There are three things essentially. You need to get a high batting. Average number one is you need to walk a lot? Because even the walks, don't count toward batting average. Reduce the sample in which you need to outperform is easier to get a an outlandish batting average on balls in play. When have fewer balls in play I've just because the sample is smaller so mike trout over the last. Last three seasons as the best walk rate in the majors I would expect that to continue this year number two. You need to hit a lot of home runs. Because home runs can't be impacted by the defense. You don't need luck. You can just hit the ball out of the park and Mike Trout would have led the majors in home runs last year if he didn't get hurt. And number three is you need a decently high batting average on balls in play while not striking out that much and I think that's Mike Trout. He doesn't strike out much more than he walks and actually ran a little bit of math based on his last three seasons, and to hit four hundred this year based on his walk and Homerun in strikeout rates Mike. Trout would only need about four thirty, two four sixty batting average on balls in play this year, and that's a lot. Nobody reaches that over a full season, but in sixty games I think trout is incapable because he he's fast. He hits the ball hard, and he could easily line drive his way to a four hundred batting average. Case I salute you for taking the challenge to come up with an obvious obvious name so seriously. Then, WHO's your guy? I've not actually sure which is my obvious guy in which is made out of left Field Guyq is I've talked myself into both of them, being obvious guys but I guess I will take the more well known name, which is how he can trick, so here's what I've taking. Howie Kendrick a been hearing that how Kendrick is bound to win a batting title for fifteen to twenty years at this point. It has to happen, and if it's ever GonNa, happen it's GonNa happen this year, but here's the other thing. He has been the best batting average hitter in baseball over the past years so last year. If you set the plate appearance minimum at three fifty. Let's say he leads. He hit three forty four last year, and if you even go over the past three seasons and set it at five, hundred, six, hundred, seven, hundred, even eight hundred appearances, because he had about eight hundred sixty over that period. He leads again. It's how can trick at the top of the leaderboard at three twenty five over Jose Altuve. So, yes, he's thirty seven, and it would be unusual for a player to win the batting title at age thirty seven, and some of his other skills perhaps have slipped, but his ability to hit for average seems to be as well preserved as ever and with him. Really the question is playing time, and can he get enough Batson Kenny, stay on the field and hopefully those. Those problems would be mitigated in this short season. Maybe he won't wear down. Maybe he won't get hurt if he gets enough playing time I. Don't think he would have a hard time hitting three mid mid three hundred something and that might do it. He's demonstrated the ability to do this already. He just has to get enough at bats within the same season to qualify. Ben Tina the last time that Howie Kendrick who I love this disrespect him. Do you know the last time that he qualified for the batting title while hitting at least three hundred? When was the last time there is a sixty game? Seasons Act told me that the answer. Two Thousand, eight, two, thousand when Howie. Kendrick was twenty four years old. Though that is the counterpoint to your case, two thousand eight is also the last time anybody hit four hundred over his team's first sixty games, so anything is possible. Anything's possible up to and including how he Kendra qualifying for the batting title. So by initial impulse was to go with Christian Yelich shoe has a lot of good babba qualities one. He hits the ball harder than just about anybody else in baseball to left handed and can run, but. I ended up

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