Episode 13 - Part 2 - America's Powerful Underground Sex World - burst 3


Would eventually become secretary of state Senator Chuck Schumer who is the minority leader of the Senate currently senator, Bob Packwood, Senator, Hillary, Clinton Senator Jeff Bingaman Senator Timothy Wirth Senator, Daniel Patrick, Monahan senator Mark Pryor Senator Tom McMillan senator. Alfonse D'Amato Senator Joe Lieberman and former vice presidential presidential candidate with the Gore Lieberman Campaign Congressman Chris Dodd Congressman Wayne Owens Congressman Rick Lazio and Richard Gephardt. President Bill. Clinton was also contributed to during his ninety two campaign in subsequent campaigns President George H W. Bush New York governor Eliot Spitzer US Virgin Islands delegates Stacey Plaskitt Gwendolyn Beck and independent running for Congress from Connecticut New York Excuse me New Mexico Democrat. John Kelly received two thousand dollars from Epstein for his unsuccessful Congressional Bid Delaware Democrat Charles overly the third for his unsuccessful Senate bid in nineteen, ninety-four, an Eugene Watts Republican member of the Ohio State. Not to mention Bill Richardson and his governor's race also received a money from Epstein. In addition to the Israeli prime, minister Who Barack Epstein was longtime France, with Prince Andrew. The Duke of your that Prince Andrew. The two were seen partying together in. Saint Tropez in Thailand among other locations and Andrew was even photograph meeting with Epstein in Central Park shortly after his release from prison. Of Epstein famous former cronies drew has arguably been one of the most difficult Excuse me one of the most directly implicated.

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