Ariel by Dean Friedman


Everybody welcome back to the story Song podcast on accoring I'm Rachel Oakes, and the Michael Gazelle ever so we walked through the world of a story song and this week. We are looking into the mouth of madness. Earned this is. Ariel by Dean Friedman I mean before we get started with anything man I I heard this song for the first time about two hours ago. And all I have to say is what I just listened to. Yeah I could go into. Love it I also heard this on. I think it was on the seventy channel on Satellite Radio and yeah, much like lonely boy. It was definitely a like. What wait a minute? What is happening by this? Was this left me less angry. I was definitely far more delighted. Delight it's a delight. Well. It's the opposite where whereas lonely boy leaves out a lot of the story. Yeah, this is every single. detail. And I'm saying. This is. Lonely boy is. All story, no details this. There's no story this. Details. This is a ninety fashion magazine. Because this is details, there's nothing. have. So yeah, I like I, said I think this is the rare song that I do think a good song and yet I'd love it I really legitimately love this song, but also but again. Being fully aware that objectively dishonest, not good, and we're going to get more into into that and to to Misa. Friedman's career later on, but. Okay so the story is where in New Jersey. and. Our narrator, OUR PROTAGONISTS DEAN! We'll call him. meets a young lady at the mall He instantly falls in love with her again. We learned a lot of details like she's Jewish Does not see I mean that's fine, but it's not seem to. Matter one way or the other? and. He tells her that he's in a rock and roll band. She should come see it, she does. They go to dairy queen. His place. They Watch TV and they make love at the end and were Oh, enroll so total that will dean has fallen in love with this woman. Whose name is Ariel? We've also told that she has a beautiful singing voice at no point in the song she sing. and has nothing to do with anything that is the refrain of is how beautiful! So, what do they I don't way on the. Side! Berbie. Young? Sang binding Bahrain. Bob Bob. Mark. She was working for the breads grief. was. In. A cop she was looking to change, so was I. Let's start at the top here. He says hey, on the would start at the top as if it matters. We can start sideways. It really doesn't matter, but it's just a series of details and the order does not matter. Just, just for tradition, sake, it started. Says, way on the other side of the Hudson deep in the bosom of suburbia. I met a young girl. She sang mighty fine tears on my pillow and Ave Maria quite the rain. Definitely? End Ave. Maria the first thing I want to say. Is that so I believe? Dean lives in New Jersey. In Paris and we can discuss that in a moment, but it is sort of funny. How he saying way on the other side of the Hudson so that is oriented from New York City. From Manhattan. And yet, so it's in a way. He's almost seeing himself. Not as the central character in his own story in a way, or not in the central location like he's thinking of himself, as I'm on the other side of the Hudson Right. New York City like I it just I just find that. Hitting The impression that I got was that he was from New York. City and he went out to Jersey. Okay that is very possible. That's what I winning I. Wanted Sketch what I thought too, or he's. He's keeping in mind. His audience, which is probably clubs in New York City and they're like. If he just said parameters they'd be like. Where is that mythical place? Like. Any night paramus through the mall is on the other side of the Hudson. Oh, you mean New Jersey I never go there. Yeah and that's the other thing. That's funny, too, is that he doesn't say deep in New Jersey says on the other side of the Hudson right so again. It's like a you know that's the way so in from from you know some some manhattanite. Club Goer might even think of it. It's like Oh. That's on the other. That's across the bridge. Exactly I never go. I only see it from my penthouse apartment. But I've never actually been over there. So debate I gotTA, take. Half trained to get there no. There's no way this this hypothetical. We're talking about. They'll even know the term the Pat Oh you. Don't even know what your dot car service all the way. Yeah or at least a taxi, yeah! If for some reason, they have to go to Jersey. City but yeah. They are not familiar with with the path train. The train goes on a path I know. But the rest of it. I don't know what you're talking about. New Jersey.

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