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How are you first of all? How are you? Are you doing? Are you out in San? Francisco is I right. Yeah, I leaving southbound CISCO I just woke up like our. and. A lot of people's schedules have gotten weird or messed up. I think for a lot of us who were used to going on the road and you Kinda have a couple of days of shows, and then you'd come home, and you'd get some work done now. It's Kinda just this unending, just free time the whole. And so I know some people are their sleep. Schedules are getting really weird. You have do set routines for yourself or you can have. Whatever goes he I wish I could have by. Looting exit think I'm too lazy. Don't. I used to wake up at nine am. and. Be Productive. Do Yoga exercises and stuff but in this few months. Go. Debate I. Think. Eight am. A SWEEP PM, so it's completely sweets. That's yeah, and it's like. No one's there to tell you to do something at a specific time. Right and you don't have to catch a flight. How were you like that when you were younger? When you were a kid? Because when I was a kid, I would do that. I would stay up all night long. Sleep through the day, and then as I got older, it kind of flipped, and now if I, if I sleep too late I I, just feel weird. Where were you like as a kid where you out all night? I think I was awake for like 'til sleep end sneaking deer living gloom. Stevie after mom's went, bed or something, yeah. So, you knew. The red back exactly. Are you finding this time now. Are you like what what mind state or you and are you being creative? Are you writing a lot of music? Are you doing other stuff or are you? I know a lot of people are finding it hard to be creative and to get work done right now. I've tried to make new music. 'cause obviously I have no Gig tale, maybe October. By. My mind is just like stock. Just like I've stuck at home so. It's too hard for me. I don't know how. People get doing like Oh. Qiuping is the I I'm. Do Make Music and I'm like. Oh! That's. All. Right. Yeah Yeah I. I mean I. I'm kind of in between those two. I guess I've been able. I'm reading some music, but then. I think it's hard because it's sort of like. What are we writing music four right now right because we're not gonNA. Go play at a show anytime soon. And in that way I sort of freeing in that you can experiment, and you can try different things, but then it's all yeah for me. It gets overwhelming. Thinking about will what is what is the point of? And, you said you still may be an October. That would be like the earliest. Hopefully 'cause I. Suppose Stevie in Texas this month. By the successfully. Includes the Colona. So Echo postponed d'albert but now. Everything, being Kinda. Collapsed again so who knows he's GonNa have been on the. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's it's a weird time in this country at to be to be doing anything, but especially to be doing what we're doing because there's so much uncertainty. And even for me. Like I. Don't know how I would feel going to play a show right now I. Think I would be nervous for myself and then I'd also be nervous that you know. I was creating this atmosphere where other people could get sick, it's. An you know, and of course nobody because it's America. Nobody's really doing what they're supposed to. Nobody's taking care. I stone understand why people can't wear mask code. It's hard to believe so why? This the close on your face so. Like helps the station in

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