‘The Golden Girls’ house now for sale with nearly $3M price tag


Girls House is now for sale. With a nearly $3 million price tag. Well, there you go. And I don't even know it was the house Did they have was the house featured prominently in the show? Yeah. Then they all live in the same house. All for the golden girls. Today? No, I think it's one of them and her mom. I never really got the premise. I was just like, Oh, it's just these for is for older, older ladies via mail hang out home made famous in outdoor shots for the iconic sitcom The Golden Girls can now be yours for a little more. Than Dorothy Blanche. Rose and Sophia paid for what? I guess they all they all live there, then. Paid for it back in the eighties. The 2901 square foot bedroom. Comes with four bedrooms house comes with four bedrooms and a To a nearly $3 million price listeningto price. According to House Beautiful The House is not located in Miami, as depicted in the TV show. But in Los Angeles, where it served as the facade for the home for for the For older that the four older women shared Golden Girls aired from 1985 to 1992. And there were 180 episodes across seven seasons. Wow! Of the four lead actress is only 98 year old Betty White is still You gotta love Betty White man. I love her on match game on the match game reruns from the seventies. She's fantastic. She's great on everything. Anyway.

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