GSMC Football Podcast Episode 618: NFL Stars Stand Up - burst 18


Good job. Building offense around the former first round pick Josh Allen I mean they really have put them in a way where he can have big statistical seasons in an put this team in position to win, you know. Josh Allen has proven to be very hard defend. He has one thousand, one, hundred, forty, one rushing yards second only to Lamar Jackson among quarterbacks in the last two seasons. Here's the second most rushing yards among quarterbacks in the last few seasons. while. He leads the whole nfl with seventeen rushing touchdowns. In the last few the entire NFL. He detail the more in that in that apart now we get it as a passer. There's room for both concern optimism. But, they go out. They draft doesn't Devon Single Terry. Last year they draft Zach, Moss this year they're out the running backs that know how to put their shoulder down and get some yards, then know how to put their shoulder down on the two yard line and get an end zone. Like, we said the wide receiver the the positions getting deeper Stefan. John. Brown go deep cold Beasley the one of the best you know. Slot receivers undercut throat throwers in the game. I liked what I'm seeing out of this team the bills the vegas has the bills at eight point five as their win total. Give me that over all day all day. There is no way. The bills are losing. A, there's no way that the bills are not winning more than eight games I mean. This is a lock it up. Seal it.

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